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The electrostimulation is a beauty treatment appropriate for all ages.

Beauty is one of the most searched terms on the internet, behind the music, in Spain. People’s interest in finding beauty information increases every year.

Another of the fastest-growing search terms related to beauty or body care is “CrossFit” which since January 2011 has not stopped increasing in Spain. In parallel, the name “electrostimulation” has also shown constant growth of searches around the world since December 2014.

There are another series of terms highly sought after by women today, such as “How many calories …?”, “Diets,” “Superfoods” or “Contouring,” “Hair,” “How to apply …?” …

Continuing with data, we can affirm that women are more likely than men to change their bodies in some way are. According to a study carried out in the United Kingdom, 4 out of 5 British women want to improve their figure (85%) compared to 69% of men. (Survey of RealSelf Aesthetics in 2018).

In this article, we try to reveal how electrostimulation is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment that helps shape women’s bodies at every moment of their lives. There will be situations where it will only be to tone, others to lose body fat, others to get a flat abdomen.

The body undergoes alterations as our life goes on

The body does not stop experiencing alterations in the course of our life. Age and genetics are the biggest culprits in these changes, but diet, lifestyle, or sun exposure also influence this transformation.

In the case of women, fertility and the number of hormones play a crucial role in understanding the changes.

Women in their 20s

During this stage of life, women are in the prime of their sexual development and have a lot of energy. Their main goal is to flaunt a flat stomach. These women have not yet become mothers; in other words, it may be easy to achieve this goal. The women should have: healthy eating, decrease the consumption of saturated fats and incorporate treatment with a muscular electro stimulator, to reduce the diameter of the waist and thighs and trat the abdominal area to achieve a flat stomach.

30-year-old women without natural children

These women dedicate a lot of time to their work, spend many hours in front of the computer screen, want everything fast, and have little time. They worry about their image and wish to have a healthy life, toned body because they have many meetings in their life (personal and work).

In this decade, women experience a decrease in metabolism, so they burn fewer calories naturally.

Due to the shortage of time, treatments with an electro stimulator are also ideal for them. In very few sessions of only 30 minutes, they manage to tone and give more firmness to their bodies and burn calories/fat With very little investment of time, they manage to improve their physical appearance.

What happens to women who have natural children?

These women have experienced changes in their bodies. Women start to lose muscle tone, and with increases in volume and weight of pregnancies, muscle flabbiness appears. It is in this decade when expression wrinkles begin to appear.

They seek to reaffirm their abdomenbackarms, reduce localized fat in the legs… in general lose weight and tone at the same time.

In addition to returning to adequate nutrition, treatments with electrostimulation devices are essential.

The use of this technique 2 or 3 days a week, forces the body to increase muscle mass, which leads to protein synthesis, and therefore, to energy consumption with the consequent burning of body fat.

The women taking an electrostimulation session can improve their body fatness. At the same time, they can reduce localized fat in the abdomen and thighs, have hard and elevated glutes, eliminate the “orange peel” effect, and favor the elimination of liquids.

I-motion EMS allows you to focus on several body groups at the same time. It is possible to work for several muscle groups at the same time, depending on their same nerve root, their proximity, their belonging to the circulatory branch.

40-years older women and have already been moms

They are women who know what they want. The hormone level drops and the woman gradually moves away from her period of maximum fertility.

These women feel in a second youth and seek to model their bodies. If they have had an obesity problem, they want to reduce their body fat, and if not, they like to show off their legs and arms and seek body treatments that give firmness to their body.

They usually re-enroll in a gym, and worry about their diet, seek to eliminate stretch marks and stains left by hormonal changes.

Electrostimulation sessions are vitally important since it will allow them to firm, lift and increase the volume of the buttocks, in addition to gaining in quality of life and improving physical and mental state.

On the other hand, in this period of a woman’s life, the intervertebral discs become compressed, and it is normal for some women to start having back pain.

Back problems are among the most common pathologies: from the cervical, lumbar, or middle part. With an electro stimulator, the muscles of the back are strengthened and are eliminated contractures due to poor postural positions.

In addition, the women of 50?

It is during the 50 years old that most women begin to experience menopause.

Hormonal changes affect your body. They are women who are not willing for hormones to disrupt their bodies and lives. They control the diet; they treat skin spots, eye bags, or droopy eyelids; they seek a healthy life to carry the years through in the best possible way.

The “ailments of life” flourish and the use of a professional electro stimulator, also, to favoring it from an aesthetic point of view, bring the benefits for purposes that are more therapeutic:

Is it unusual to have electrostimulation equipment in aesthetic centers and aesthetic medical clinics?

Incorporate in aesthetic centers that do not yet have this technology, for several reasons:

  • Electrostimulation is in fashion. People show interest in this type of treatment, hence the constant increase in searches (booming business).
  • People need an electro stimulator at any age. You can find clients who want to redefine their bodies throughout their lives (customer acquisition and loyalty).
  • Because it contributes to meeting your business objectives by generating greater trust in your customers and offering a complete service.

Why choose I-motion or a center that has I-motion?

More and more distributors see I-motion EMS as the ideal partner.

The great opportunity of a booming business, plus the solidity of a company with more than 28 distributors with presence in countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Chile, Mexico, or Brazil, among others … make us a benchmark in the world of this type of solution.

Makeup serves to highlight the beauty of women, electrostimulation to rescue body beauty.

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