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Science proves the advantages of electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics

Reference to electrostimulation has been made from the 18th century. Thousands of years ago, the world discovered certain advantages of these impulses, but it was not until later when science proved its benefits for certain areas of health, aesthetics and sport. Therefore, many elite sportspeople use this technique when it they need to recover from an effort or injury, or to carry out a successful training with their coach.

Then we want to show you some things that science tells about electrostimulation.

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Studies on the advantages of electrostimulation

Back in 2015, a study in the Revista Andaluza de Medicina del Deporte was published about the effects and training of a full body electrical stimulation training. The results showed that “the participants of the majority of the studies reviewed were older people with osteopenia, osteoporosis, or metabolic syndrome”.

Other investigations have shown over the years that electrostimulation allows to obtain faster results than conventional training, helps to combat sagging arms, buttocks and other parts of the body, reduce the percentage of fat, and increases strength and muscle tone.

The efdeportes digital magazine also includes sport-oriented electro-stimulation studies. They show that this technique helps the athlete to get an “easy recovery after exercising, increase the speed of contraction, improve the levels of strength-endurance, modifies the fiber, and decrease residual muscle tension”.

These are just a few examples showing the advantages of electro-stimulation in the field of sport and aesthetics.

Is the stimulation safe?

Science and experience say “yes”. No one would bet on these devices if they were not a safe and proven technique. Although there are different equipments based on their performance, each has a differential value. Ours is located in Smart EMS Software, which already indicates the technological presence.

In I-motion we are convinced that we can help improve the results in the desired areas of the body, being an ideal alternative for professionals and all those who seek well-being.

What is the purpose of electro-stimulation?

Investigations and the results observed in aesthetics, physiotherapy and sport centers show that electrical stimulation has the purpose of improving the physical condition of the people.

Some people already call it passive gymnastics, although it has nothing to do with sitting on the sofa and get in shape. None of that. Electrostimulation is an ideal complement for training, recovery and toning, but it does not magically turn a flabby body into a supermodel.

Aesthetics has obtained advantages due to the nature of this technique, like the ones below:

  • Faster results.
  • It reduces the level of fats and fluid retention.
  • Avoid orange peel skin.
  • Let you perform a greater number of repetitions because the use of a computer that does not exhaust you.
  • It increases muscle mass in much less time.
  • It reduces the abdominal, but and arms flaccidity.
  • Reduce joint impact.

If you’re thinking about betting on electrical stimulation to improve your image, but you’re not 100% sure which one to choose, let us tell you that i-motion EMS offers a perfect opportunity to do it comfortably and safely. Once you try a professional electric muscle stimulator of, your body wont be the same.

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