i-shape sport a la vanguardia del deporte
At the cutting edge of sport
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i-shape Sport, at the cutting edge of sport



1 session of 25 minutes = 4 hours of conventional training

i-shape Sport, at the cutting edge of sport


1 session of 25 minutes = 4 hours of conventional training

A la vanguardia del deporte

What is i-shape Sport?

i-shape Sport is a new and advanced workout system based on EMS technology that works on different areas of the body simultaneously, for enhanced results as compared to conventional exercise.

i-shape Sport was created and developed as a new concept of advanced fitness training in response to the urgent need for change following a long period of pandemic

Visible results after a single session

Components i-shape sport

i-shape sport traje

i-shape sport

  • Treatment using 18 electrodes to target 9 muscle groups simultaneously.
  • Comfortable, anti-bacterial suit made from high-quality neoprene for ultimate comfort during treatment. The elasticised material conforms perfectly to body shape.
  • Dermatologically tested medical-grade carbon rubber electrodes
  • Ergonomic design available in 5 sizes, adaptable to any patient
  • Electrical impulses that provide a pleasant and unique sensation, increasing muscle mass, accelerating metabolism and burning calories
  • Easy to adhere
  • The electrodes covers are misted with water to increase conductivity and provide a more pleasant sensation during the workout session
 i-shape sport

This type of workout far surpasses the effectiveness of conventional training

The most advanced, cutting-edge sports technology

i-shape Sport provides perfect stimulation and muscle contractions that imitate brain impulses, multiplying the effects and results of physical activity. i-shape Sport improves muscle tone, increases muscle mass, defines muscles and accelerates metabolism.

The advanced i-shape Sport workout system is monitored by a professional personal trainer, who designs and adapts the sessions and intensity of each workout session to match the client’s needs.

i-shape Sport stimulates contractions that activate muscle fibres, for a greater calorie expenditure than with a conventional workout. It also helps accelerate metabolism, burn fat and exponentially increase muscle mass. Visible results after a single session.

At i-Motion Group we work with an exclusive department of professionals trained in advanced sports engineering. Our group has extensive experience in the fitness and physical training sector. i-shape Sport was developed to provide sports centres with a state-of-the-art service that allows clients to experience active gymnastic treatments based on EMS technology.

This advanced workout system is widely used by elite athletes, actors, celebrities and models to help them stay fit on a day-to-day basis.

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i-shape sport equipo
 i-shape sport deporte

Advantages of i-shape Sport

i-shape Sport allows users to work in small groups, and intensify Combat, Cross Fitness, Dance and Cardio classes. A single 25-minute session provides a workout for the entire lower body: abdomen, buttocks and legs, equivalent to 2-3 hours of conventional training.

i-shape Sport’s advanced EMS technology has been tested for decades, yielding excellent scientifically proven results for fitness, rehabilitation and others. Over the years we have analysed, studied and improved a high-level product, creating an advanced workout system for legs, arms, buttocks and abdomen.

Benefits of i-shape Sport

In a single 25-minute session, i-shape Sport provides up to 40,000 actual muscle contractions, reaching the deepest fibres in each muscle group.

Specialised i-shape Sport workout sessions

 i-shape sport combat

i-shape Sport COMBAT

Comprehensive sport on all levels that includes fitness disciplines based on contact sports. i-shape Sport COMBAT is currently one of the most well-known and highly demanded disciplines. Movements are based on a wide range of sports such as boxing or karate. With i-shape Sport COMBAT, your clients will receive a comprehensive workout in a shorter period of time.

 i-shape sport entrenamiento avanzado

i-shape Sport CROSSFITNESS

i-shape Sport CROSSFITNESS is a comprehensive strength training and physical conditioning activity. This strength-building programme includes a variety of functional, high-intensity exercises, helping to develop strength and muscle tone through the use of i-shape Sport CROSSFITNESS EMS technology.

 i-shape sport

i-shape Sport CARDIO

i-shape Sport CARDIO is based on cardiovascular activity, increasing weight loss and helping to achieve optimum health conditions. i-shape Sport CARDIO exercises help us to burn the most calories. With i-shape Sport CARDIO you will achieve excellent results in just 25 minutes using EMS technology. More calories burned in less time thanks to advanced body stimulation.

 i-shape sport mundo fitness

i-shape Sport DANCE

With i-shape Sport DANCE, you can programme high- and low-intensity combinations of rhythmic movements to burn calories while dancing to the beat of the music. i-shape Sport DANCE lets you reduce the time required for dance sessions and other activities to just 25 minutes, for better results than in a conventional session, while keeping the beat!

What our clients say

I have been training with i-motion for over 2 years, both at the i-motion club London center and at home and all my clients wouldn't trade this equipment for anything.

Cruz MazdeuPersonal Trainer

For me, i-motion is not just a training system, it's a lifestyle. EMS training as an international and professional field hockey player in the Austrian league has increased my physical efficiency.
Entreno personas en Austria, Egipto y Alemania y siempre estoy feliz después de escuchar su experiencia.

Ahmed MansourPersonal Trainer

I do personal training in different countries like Spain, Morocco and France. With I-Motion Club I can organize all my clients much easier.

Hammid BenhammouPersonal Trainer
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Do you want to be a trainer with i-shape sport?

i-shape sport is designed so that any person, after receiving a previous training by our professionals, can lead the training sessions.

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