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How to use an electrostimulator for back pain and feel relief

Back problems are one of the most common pathologies throughout the world. The physiotherapy practices receive visits during the month from a multitude of patients suffering from pain either in the cervical or lumbar area or the middle part of the back. These health professionals, in addition to physiotherapy itself, perfectly know well how to use an electrostimulator for back pain.

To understand a little more and better the benefits that electrostimulation for the back provides us, it is necessary to know what causes this type of discomfort. Are you ready?

Why does our back hurt?

When we suffer this type of ailment many times, without going to any specialist, we are able to know why a part of our body hurts on a particular day. Bad posture at work, the daily stress that many people suffer, sleeping in a bad position, an excess of physical activity, lifting too much load or even sleeping on a mattress that is not adequate are some of the reasons that lead to back pain.

Identifying what is causing you this discomfort is fundamental, because not only knowing how to use an electro-stimulator for back pain is convenient, it is also trying to avoid by all means that the discomfort appears or is repeated.

How to use an electrostimulator for back pain: avoid the stress

As mentioned above, stress is one of the causes of back pain, as it causes us to maintain muscles with increased tone throughout the day, and even throughout the night.

Different studies have proven that electrostimulation to combat stress is beneficial in many cases, so at first we already know one of the ways on how to use an electrostimulator for back pain: to prevent it through professionals with analgesic currents over 100HZ.

Strengthen the muscles

The back is one of the most difficult parts of the body to work with. It has a lot of muscles that are complicated to strengthen through common sport. Muscle weakness is one of the main causes of this type of pain, and that is why it is important to know how to use an electrostimulator for back pain for specific muscle areas.

Health professionals are aware of the positive impact of EMS treatments for back disorders, which is why the use of this type of technology is becoming more and more widespread.

The intensity and frequency of the current should in no case be very strong because what it is about is to progressively strengthen the area through the impulses. In the case of using a current and a periodicity higher than necessary, as well as when too much physical exercise is carried out without previous preparation, an injury can occur.

Eliminate contractures

The contractures caused by bad postures also bring many problems and pains. Again, knowing how to use an electrostimulator for back pain becomes a fundamental issue.

In this case, the purpose of the current jolts is to inhibit the muscular action produced by a contracture that has been created in our muscle. To do this, the current should not be too strong with the intention of eliminating the contracture, in any case should feel pain when using an EMS equipment.

In conclusion, the best way to relieve pain is to prevent it. It is essential that you know the cause of your back pathology in order to try to avoid it and also so that, in the event that you put yourself in the hands of health professionals who know how to use an electrostimulator for back pain, you can tell them the cases. If you also have a professional electric muscle stimulator from to help you, your recovery will be much faster.

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