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The fitness revolution: aesthetics and electrostimulation

For many people, what starts as a hobby, it is just becoming their true passion. Sport, training, aesthetics. Fitness is the way that many women have chosen to achieve well-being and a good state of physical health. And it is no surprise, because fitness is responsible for transforming us both inside and outside. It is a state that comes when we have a healthy life supported by the continuous exercise and a healthy diet.

Thousands of beauticians have become aware of this process by being directly connected to the results of their profession with customers. And do you know what is the most chosen technique in recent times? Electrostimulation.

We tell you more things throughout this post. Let’s go!

Fitness walks towards aesthetics and electrostimulation

Increasingly more people fall for this healthy lifestyle to stay in shape. The fitness world is connecting with electrostimulation and aesthetics, but we should have some very clear concepts. This technique can work one muscle group at a time, as well as many more fibers of the same muscle than if you do it through a normal exercise. Ideally, according to experts, the best thing to do is to alternate resources of physical exercise and a balanced diet with the electro-stimulation, because we should bear in mind that it is not advisable to use it every day.

Fitness revolution with electrostimulation

You are just in time to get better version of yourself, both inside and outside. There are real people behind athletes, fitness, nutrition, etc. And most of them already know the advantages of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS).

Passive exercise has not come to replace physical exercise or sport, but to complement it. For this reason, we don’t talk about this technique as a miracle, but as a way to improve our health and fitness. To be 100% effective, we need to alternate it with exercise.

Passive exercise does not exhaust, so the aestheticians can perform several repetitions of its customers and faster results. “Contrary to what happens with the voluntary contractions, with this practice the tension stays much longer in the muscle”, as Material Estetica indicates.

Advantages of combining fitness with electrostimulation: ELECTRO-FITNESS

Electrostimulation equipments have a number of different programs that are already preset and have different functions and objectives, such as the i-motion: cardio, advanced strength, hypertrophy, mechanical pain, etc. However, in general we find the following advantages:

  • Greater muscle activation.
  • More stamina, because they get less tired.
  • Less risk of injury.
  • Increase elasticity.
  • Elimination of toxins.
  • Muscular relaxation.

All these benefits increase if you use electro-stimulation as a supplementing physical activity, because although many people believe that the main advantage is to lose weight, it is not so. First, it is necessary to do another kind of work involving the heart and respiratory system. For example: jogging. Then, boost the results and get more benefits through electrostimulation fitness with

What contraindications can you find in the aesthetics and electrical stimulation?

We have spoken much about contraindications on the technique of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). The only thing that you have to have very clear before you start this technique with your clients is that it is contraindicated in people with: arrhythmias, superficial wounds, thrombosis, heart disease, pregnant women, pacemakers, epilepsy, cancer, hernias in the abdomen, metabolic diseases, etc.

It is logical considering the status of these people, because we want to use electrical stimulation to improve their health or physical condition, but not to make it worse. For this reason, it is important to spend some time knowing the interested customer before starting to use electrostimulation. For example, you could make a kind of interview to know his/her medical history.

Do you feel like starting to implement this technique?

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