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Electrostimulation and Electromagnetism Equipment for your business

Improve your business with the latest technology in electrostimulation and electromagnetism.

At i-motion Group we help all types of businesses to grow and adapt to the current times incorporating new forms of training and aesthetic treatments increasingly demanded worldwide, electrostimulation and electromagnetism.

Hospitals, sports centers, entrepreneurs, physiotherapists, aesthetic centers, clinics, health centers, elite athletes or personal trainers are some of our potential customers.

We target a wide niche market working in the area of health, medicine, aesthetics and sports, helping them to grow their businesses by adapting them to new consumer needs.

The electrical muscle stimulation is a new technique that has been established in recent years and is becoming more and more common in many sports centers. Its fast results, comfort and time saving sessions have consolidated electrostimulation as a primary technique all over the world.

We have several products, i-motion, i-shape, i-sculpt and i-HomeFit. Each one of them with specific characteristics and functions adapted to the desired objectives for each person.

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rápidos resultados, su comodidad
rápidos resultados, su comodidad

I+D+I (Research + Development + Innovation)

idi imotion

At I-motion Group we work every day to keep improving our equipment, adapting them to the needs of our customers and new market situations.

We have a large R&D team dedicated specifically to innovation and research, improving our equipment every day.

We work every day with the best professionals who are in charge of satisfying the needs of our customers, providing an outstanding service and offering the maximum comfort, safety and innovation possible.


ISO 9001:2015


ISO 14001:2015

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Certificación médica IECEE Con referencia BE- 9264

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Cruz MazdeuPersonal Trainer

I have been training with i-motion for over 2 years, both at the i-motion club London center and at home and all my clients wouldn't trade this equipment for anything.

Ahmed MansourPersonal Trainer

For me, i-motion is not just a training system, it's a lifestyle. EMS training as an international and professional field hockey player in the Austrian league has increased my physical efficiency.
Entreno personas en Austria, Egipto y Alemania y siempre estoy feliz después de escuchar su experiencia.

Hammid BenhammouPersonal Trainer

I do personal training in different countries like Spain, Morocco and France. With I-Motion Club I can organize all my clients much easier.

Angélique TedescoPersonal Trainer

Desde que trabajo con I-motion puedo realizar sesiones personalizadas para conseguir los objetivos que mi cliente desee. Es muy versátil por que entreno al aire libre, en casa o en un club.
Ya que mis sesiones son para todo tipo de publico, tanto particulares como deportistas profesionales que quieren incrementar su desempeño

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Fisioterapeutas deportivos: ¿han probado la electroestimulación?

Muy habitual en los gimnasios y las consultas de fisioterapia, la electroestimulación cumple lógicamente todos los requisitos para ser. La solución de los fisioterapeutas deportivos. Fisioterapeutas especializados cuyas habilidades son…
New software I-motion V21EMSi-motion
October 5, 2021

New software I-motion V21

Características nuevo software V21 I-Motion Group ha terminado el desarrollo de su nuevo software V21. En este nuevo software encontramos infinidad de mejoras, entre ellas podemos destacar que se acabaron…
New software I-motion V21EMSi-sculpt
September 14, 2021

i-sculpt the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition

I-Sculpt is the new revolution in the sports, beauty and fitness industry. The sensation is very similar to that of high-intensity exercise, but it is painless   I-Sculpt is new…
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