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EMS Training: solve your doubts

Electrostimulation possibilities are endless. Society still has many doubts about this technique, for example, what kind of electrostimulation is the most widely used? How many types are there? Is it advisable for sagging arms?

Today we want to clear all your doubts and help you achieve your aesthetic goals. We are aware that there is nothing like feeling comfortable with one’s self, so we want to help you get it. In this post we are going to make a tour on different electrostimulation points.

Will you join us?

Before immersing ourselves in electrostimulation…

We are going to tell you a couple of basic things before beginning this journey, because we do not you to end this post with doubts.

First, there are two types of electrostimulation: a traditional technique based on local electrical stimulation (in charge of placing the electrodes in the muscle that we want to train or retrieve, called “TENS”, Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), and other more modern that accompanies us for about 10 years and responds to full body electrostimulation called NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation), or electrostimulation vests. It allows to work several muscle groups at the same time.

This last technique is manifested through electrostimulation equipment or clothing that are offered by aesthetics, sport or physical therapy professionals, depending on the objectives. It is important to put us in the hands of professionals and not on our own.

Don’t forget it!

Is electrostimulation advisable for sagging arms?

If what you are looking for is to increase the muscle tone of your arms, then electrical stimulation may be your great ally, provided you do it in the hands of specialists in this technique. We have a scientifically recognized alternative that provides great advantages: from the increase of blood circulation with very low frequency, to muscular fiber activation, with higher frequencies.

Sagging muscles is a ‘handicap’ that most people face throughout their life. It is something natural. However, we all want to look slim, attractive and toned, and electrical stimulation has a lot to do with this because it is the ideal technique to achieve this objective.

Sagging problems often turn into a nightmare, but a mixture of electro-stimulation and good nutrition will be the key to end with it.

In general, the collagen and elastin degradation, as a result of a few bad habits or the age, tend to be the main reasons for sagging.

 Would you like to bring back to your body its smooth and youthful appearance?

Legs, arms, lower back and butt are some of the most worked areas by the electrostimulation technique, because increasingly more people go to their beauty clinics in search of a solution to this problem. But now there are other methods, such as girdles, the results show that its effectiveness is very low.

Electrostimulation offers an added value that begins with the attention, the adaptation, and the help of specialists, and ends getting faster results. It is a comfortable equipment that enables to work on the specific areas that your customers want, so your aesthetic center can become the place where your customers come to fulfill their dreams.

You don’t even need to spend much time per week, because just knowing the equipment features you can choose the sequence and the working program that you are going to use for your client.

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Our tour ends here today, but we will stop soon to tell you new things about this revolutionary technique.

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