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Electrostimulation for trendy sports in 2020

It’s mid-January and society is already starting to make the first sports predictions for this year. If 2019 has been the year of swimming and soccer (with more than 1500 and 1002 million practitioners respectively), 2020 will bring new sports, such as HIIT, Fly Yoga, Ballet Fit and Acrogym. So much so, that there are already those who have titled them as the new trendy sports in 2020.

So far, we have told you how to use electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) in swimming, tennis, boxing, etc., but now is the time to wonder if it can also be applied in sports that will be trending. Get ready, we start in 3… 2… 1…

The new trendy sports

There is no doubt that classical sports, such as soccer or athletics, continue to gain followers, but it is also true that, in recent years, new sports have emerged that are becoming increasingly successful.

The first reflection of this will be the inclusion of new sports in the next Tokyo Olympics that, although known, we have never seen at this international event until now, except for the first two. The five new sports confirmed for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo are skateboarding, surfing, climbing, karate and baseball/softball.

The trendy sports for 2020 will be:

  • HIIT. Do you want to help your users get in shape? HIIT has become an ideal activity to achieve this, as in a single session you can burn at least 700. It is a high intensity training in which you work with your own body.
  • Fly Yoga. Yoga is a sport practiced for many years, but in 2020 it brings a new modality that will become a trend. Fly Yoga is the mixture of the classic movements of yoga (Kapalbhati, Anumom Vilom…), with other movements of dance and gymnastics.
  • Ballet Fit. It combines with fitness ballet; it is of great intensity and it has been becoming trendy due to its popularity among celebrities. It is already trendy in some countries, especially in the United States, and it’s simple and very effective.
  • Acrogym. This type of sports gymnastics consists of forming figures with the rest of the people of the group, like the American cheerleaders. No doubt, in 2019 it has already experienced a great growth that is expected to exceed by 2020.

Haven’t you put these sports into practice yet? Do you want to increase your results? Keep reading, because we’re going to talk to you about a technique that can achieve it.

Muscle electrostimulation in trendy sports

Surely, throughout 2020 new sports names will emerge that will also become a trend. HIIT, Acrogym, Fly Yoga or Ballet Fit are some sports that electrostimulation welcomes with pleasure.

In the case of HIIT, its combination with EMS allows athletes who practice it to obtain benefits on muscle mass and fat, both in people with obesity problems and in those sedentary. The training programs offered by this revolutionary technique demonstrate that attractive effects can be obtained in a very short time, improving the physical condition and health of the user. All this can be achieved if athletes use electrostimulation with the help of a trainer with extensive knowledge in this practice, as the expert will adapt the workout to the physical characteristics and needs of each person.

In the case of yoga, EMS can be the ideal complement to increase the speed with which visible results are achieved. You can always help your users have a relaxation and meditation session after electrostimulation training. With the programs offered by i-motion, it is very simple. In addition, it allows active recovery while a specific impulse makes metabolism work, making the most of each training session.

Gymnastics exercises can also be performed with EMS to achieve maximum technology performance based on the needs of gymnasts. For Ballet Fit, electrostimulation has also developed benefits that, combined with a balanced diet, deliver results in a short time. Alessandra Ambrosio and Paula Echevarría, among many others, have already tried it. In short, alternating these sports with the methods and programs of muscle electrostimulation is already a trend that will continue to grow.

Stop spending more time than needed with electrostimulation!

Now, you can train groups of people in a single session

With i-motion, you won’t need to do multiple sessions for different people, but it allows you to train groups with no limit of participants. This is achieved through two training programs that allow you to design your sessions and those of the groups that want to follow a training based on their specific needs.

i-motion uses the most innovative technology, and each program can perform trainings for up to 10 people. You can adapt the intensities individually to each athlete. You can train one or more groups anywhere (gyms, EMS studios, sports centers, outdoors). Wherever and with whomever you want.

Thanks to its advantages, gyms are increasingly investing in the advanced electric muscle stimulator from As the motto says, we only have two options: adapt or die. Which one do you choose?

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