Who are we

We are the first Spanish manufacturer of electrostimulation equipment and a worldwide reference.

In continuous international expansion

We are a Spanish company headquartered in Madrid manufacturer of wireless EMS electrostimulation and FMS electromagnetism equipment. The company founded in 2014 already has presence in more than 70 countries around the world. Today it continues with the expansion of this new technology increasingly present all over the globe world. We have distributors in 5 continents to offer a closer attention to our customers.

Our technology is mainly oriented to 3 different sectors: the sports sector, which has a great demand specially in gyms and sports centers, the health sector, very useful technology both in the rehabilitation of patients and in the world of physiotherapy, and the aesthetic sector, very demanded by people with overweight or who want to improve their figure.

We always try to offer maximum comfort to our customers, so our equipment has a Bluetooth connection system that allows flexibility and greater freedom when it comes to training.

In addition, i-motion Group offers an effective customer service through which our users can solve their doubts and questions about products and software updates. We also help our clients with an exhaustive after-sales  follow-up, support in social networks with digital marketing materials.

We have established ourselves as one of the best brands in electrostimulation in the world with all our products:

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Present in the 5 continents

i-motion group

i-motion Group Philosophy

Our goal has always been to offer the best product and service in the market to our customers.

In these 6 years of work we have consolidated ourselves as one of the best electrostimulation brands in the market.

We are constantly evolving, up to date with technological trends and our engineers work daily to offer continuous improvements and free software updates.

This is an added and unique value of our products, since no other company in the market makes so many constant improvements in such a short period of time.

From i-motion Group we work to offer the most current and renewed technology in the market.

i-motion Group Milestones


Worldwide presence

After only 6 years in the market, i-motion Group has managed to expand to more than 60 countries around the world and such expansion is expected increase exponentially in the up coming months.

Presence in world class events

We have participated in the most prestigious events of the biggest sports brands and in the best fitness fairs in the world.

Unlimited workouts

I-motion Group is the only one capable of training an unlimited number of people.

Innovative technology

During this period of time we have been constantly updating and improving all our equipment. This way we offer our clients the most innovative technology.

Thousands of professionals

Thousands of professionals in the medical and sports sector trust and use i-motion Group to carry out their work.

boost employment

We are proud to know that, thanks to our products, hundreds of people have managed to set up their own business and achieve great profitability.

Job creation

i-motion Group is growing and this means that our professional team is also growing and we are proud to participate in the creation of jobs for great professionals.

Latest news i-motion group

i-motion Group
December 26, 2023

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February 20, 2023

How to treat fluid retention with electrostimulation

Fluid retention is a condition in which excess fluid accumulates in body tissues, causing them to swell. Although a small amount of fluid retention is normal, excessive or prolonged fluid…
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