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Electrostimulation to recover from a knee injury

Electrostimulation is an innovative training that is increasingly powerful within the sport industry, although it is also used in the aesthetic and health sector. This type of EMS training helps to recover from injuries. It is widely used in those in which muscle atrophy can be developed due to its evolution and long-lasting recoveries, such as knee injuries.

What are the causes of muscle atrophy?

We call muscle atrophy to the decrease in size of a muscle with the consequent loss of its strength. The muscle wears progressively and the person who suffers from atrophy gradually has more difficulty to move that part of the body, even to perform movements such as walking.

There are three types of atrophy depending on the person’s symptoms:

  1. Pathological atrophy: It usually appears when the person is already in an advanced age. Apart from aging, it can also occur due to other factors such as a related diseases or starvation. People who take or have taken corticosteroids can also be affected by this type of atrophy.
  2. Neurogenic atrophy: Occurs when there is no connection between nerves and muscles. This type of atrophy is often developed by people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as ALS. It also commonly occurs in people who have other types of diseases or syndromes, such as Guillain-Barré (GBS). If a person has had any injuries due to burns or trauma, neurogenic atrophy may also develop.
  3. Psychological atrophy: It can be developed at the time the person does not use the muscle correctly or assiduously. What that person needs is to exercise and move that part of the body steadily to regain the strength he/she has lost. It usually develops in people who work or sit for many hours a day, but also can be developed in people who otherwise cannot move naturally.

Muscle atrophy usually does not give signals or appear previous symptoms, its uniqueness is centered on that it is noticeable as it progresses or evolves. Once the atrophy process has started, the person notices symptoms such as:

  • Reduction of muscle mass of a certain body area
  • Weakness in the body limbs
  • Difficulties or problems when performing simple movements such as walking

In this sense, prolonged knee injuries can cause limitations in joint mobility, causing muscle atrophy that could eventually weaken the joint. For this reason, it is recommended to move the knee as soon as possible, even if there has been an operation. That’s where muscle electrostimulation with i-motion can help with knee injuries.

Electric muscle stimulation for knee injuries

We already know that EMS can be used for many aspects within the sporting, aesthetic and health sphere. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, within the sports sector, electrostimulation can be a great complement to knee injuries.

One of the serious consequences of a long-lasting knee injury is the reduction in movement that occurs in that part of the body. Gradually the limitation of the knee increases, as the joint loses mobility. For this reason, the athlete must move the knee as much as he/she. Thus, as explained, it is recommended that you exercise the articulation as soon as possible to avoid any possible atrophy.

It is here where EMS workouts come into play as a great ally for this type of injury. Electrostimulation can help your knee due to the multiple advantages it offers. Especially because it helps to relieve pain, as well as reduce the swelling in the knee. How do you do that? Thanks to its electrical impulses. Electric current stimuli that target the specific area, in this case the knee area, will help reduce the pain and swelling of the injury. It is also necessary to move the tendons and ligaments because, in this way, they perform a high intensity exercise, which is highly recommended to recover knee injuries. Let’s not forget that the goal is to regain the strength that the muscle has lost and restore mobility.

What is i-motion and how can it help with knee injuries?

I-motion is a national company that manufactures EMS equipment for electric muscle stimulation training. They are wireless equipment fully manufactured in Spain. They are not only present at the national level, but also at the international level in more than 50 countries.

In addition, i-motion is a pioneer in group and multigroup training which increments its expansion into customers and market. They promote technological development with the use of new and great technologies, as it brings benefits in multiple aspects. Their engineers are constantly working to improve the products and services that i-motion makes available to users, such as the Smart EMS Software. They continue to study and develop new methods to improve the product and customer service to be exceptional in order to be able to achieve their goals and purposes.

This electrostimulation company also has the best suit in the market: the Bio-Jacket, a neoprene suit that is comfortable, pleasant and that adapts to all kinds of bodies without any problem. It’s not heavy and you have complete mobility, so you’re going to perform the corresponding exercises in a simple, efficient and effective way.

Some of the milestones in the company history are:

  • After two years, the evolution and worldwide presence of i-motion is very positive. If they have had this great expansion in just two years, it is expected to be much larger in the coming months.
  • I-motion have been present and invited to the best events of the biggest sports brands. They have also attended the best trade fairs and fitness celebrations in the world.
  • They are the only ones who provide a group and multigroup service, as well as the only ones able to offer unlimited trainings.
  • Many professionals in the sports, aesthetic and health sectors have already purchase their services and products and perform their work efficiently.
  • I-motion is also a way to invest in a business model. Some people have created their own company with our products and services, and they are getting a satisfactory profitability.

Do you have a knee injury? Have you used muscle electrostimulation? Believe it or not, it can help, and you can get great results with its use. If you need a muscle electrostimulator, request a demo. Try our EMS equipment and discover all the benefits it brings. We will be happy to assist you.

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