The integrated process-oriented quality management system is an essential element of I-motion Group Global Ibérica. Ongoing review of processes is an indispensable requirement with stipulated compulsory review periods. This integrated quality system ensures optimization of processes, guaranteeing sustainable growth and profitability goals.

I-motion Group Global Ibérica is the top Spanish manufacturer of wireless EMS electrostimulation devices and a prominent distributor. We design, manufacture and distribute our devices based on proprietary specifications obtained from scientific and medical studies.

At I-motion Group Global Ibérica, we commit to each design, and to the evolution of our devices and related services to fully satisfy the needs of our clients. We are leaders in the sector thanks to the ongoing improvement of our human, technical and material resources.

For I-motion Group Global Ibérica, Quality and Environmental Management involves an ethical commitment to excellence, promoting environmental awareness which leads to continual refining of devices, services and processes with the clear aim of fully satisfying internal and external client needs and expectations.

I-motion Group Global Ibérica is subject to multiple national and international regulations established to protect the environment and ensure the safety of clients, contributing to their health and well-being.

The scope of Quality Management to ensure the practical application of this policy is as follows:

  • achieve excellence in Quality Management in the planning, design, manufacture and distribution of devices and associated services;
  • give full consideration to occupational safety and health and environmental aspects when planning and carrying out our activities, taking account of the needs and expectations of interested parties;
  • comply with regulatory requirements for design, manufacturing and distribution processes, as well as with specific agreements with interested parties and environmental provisions;
  • maintain a suitable integrated management system based on product and process risks with a view to eliminating hazards and reducing risks to occupational safety and health;
  • fulfil all requirements established in EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards;
  • encourage a culture of continuous improvement by systematically evaluating our processes through defined indicators that allow us to determine risks and opportunities and assess the efficacy of our management system;
  • provide quality customer service to users of our devices and associated services;
  • provide ongoing training and professional development for our workers, encouraging their collaboration by means of consultations in order to successfully contribute to their occupational performance;
  • ensure compliance with occupational safety and health, environment and quality regulations for our products and processes;
  • involve our suppliers in the company Quality and Environmental Management scheme;
  • ensure process monitoring, measuring and analysis, and guarantee that the required actions are in place for achieving expected results, maintaining process efficacy and promoting ongoing improvement;
  • ensure monitoring of any external hiring processes that may affect compliance with and specifications of our electrostimulation devices.

In the context of our organisation, we are committed to protecting the environment and our surroundings through actions and measures aimed at preventing any type of pollution or contamination related to our activities.

These commitments reinforce the strategic management of I-motion Group Global Ibérica; they are in line with the company’s quality and environmental objectives, and have been reviewed by company management. All personnel at I-motion Group Global Ibérica are committed to and responsible for compliance with this policy, and for applying the necessary means to achieve this end.


Date: 04-10-2020

José Luis Soto Belloso: CEO & Founder