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Electromagnetism and body aesthetics.

The canons of female beauty in the last century have evolved

The concept of beauty in women has changed over the centuries and considerably in recent years. In the 60s, youth movements and feminism produced a change for canons of beauty. Fashion at that time called for a slimmer body, with a flat stomach and narrow hips, so there was a general trend to lose weight.

The stereotype of a woman of the time describes a woman with long legs, short hair, and eyes with false eyelashes. In the 70s, the sexual and social revolution continues. It is a decade where the cult of the body takes on particular importance. The penchant for losing weight remains, and curves are back in fashion. Women carded their hair, do not wear bras, and they liked to tan.

The 80s are years of excess and originality. It is the age of lion hair, and shoulder pads and high heels. There was enthusiasm for fitness in the world. High hip lines in swimsuits and bikinis marked the beginning of the Brazilian wax.

In the 90s, the female prototype is a prototype of athletic and slim bodies (but not excessively). Jennifer Aniston’s haircut on “Friends” becomes popular. This model lives with figures of slim girls with thin arms and legs, pale skin, and prominent clavicles. With the arrival of the new century, the trend of an athletic body where the abs are visible resurfaces, giving rise to personal trainers’ era, and the proliferation of diets. When these do not work as desired, operations occur aesthetic, and they appear the procedures to rescue hidden beauty through non-invasive techniques.

Since 2010, aesthetics affects both men and women equally, we all adapt to current fashion and beauty. A type of woman with a slender figure, strong arms, and large buttocks is the stereotype that predominates in the last decade.


Trends in body esthetics

According to some recent studies, body aesthetics is the main reason many women move into the world of physical exercise, far above health, fitness, or pleasure.

Perhaps the interest in having a sculpted, toned body and a cared face has a close correlation with showing yourself to the world on social networks. In aesthetic centers, body contouring and fat reduction are two of the most requested treatments. The demand for liposuction has increased, but the need for non-invasive treatments is currently exceeding cosmetic surgery in all groups’ demographics.

The current trend in women is to maintain a healthy lifestyle along with the incorporation of non-invasive treatments. The search for naturalness, micro-touches, and personalized techniques seems to be the winning trend for some time now.

Electromagnetism within esthetic medicine

One of the areas of non-invasive aesthetic medicine is electromagnetism. This technique use frequently in medical treatments such as wound healing, nerve and muscle pain relief, and regeneration of skeletal muscle tissue.

At present, these techniques are already working in the world of aesthetics, as a non-invasive technology (non-surgical procedures) with visible results for the patient or client in a few weeks.

Electromagnetic energy absorption can be more effective than electrostimulation (in some cases), which works at a more superficial level. Electromagnetic waves penetrate to a deeper level. Acting more deeply in the tissues allows us to develop the muscles and eliminate excess fat in a few sessions. We are facing a technique that remodels the body from the inside out.

It should be clear that these techniques allow us to improve at the muscular level and tone our bodies. Even so, we do not achieve the advantages that sport offers us at a cardiovascular, metabolic, and psycho-emotional level.

In other articles, we have already analyzed one of the main concerns that women who visit an aesthetic medical center have, and that is cellulite. The problem that develops mainly in women, as we all know, come by genetic and hormonal factors and low blood circulation, making fat deposits more visible. Most women will experience cellulite at some point in their life. Incorporating electromagnetism sessions into the working hours of a modern day woman will allow her to reduce cellulite and tighten the skin in a non-invasive way.

According to some experts, the results are visible after three weeks, with only two sessions. Of course, in general, between four and six sessions are necessary, with intervals of 15 days between each one, to achieve a full effect. Besides, with this practice, you strengthen the internal muscles of the abdomen, reducing fat deposits. Moreover, if you work your glutes, they get stronger and lift.

I-sculpt FMS


I-sculpt FMS is a device that, through high-intensity electromagnetic radiation, manages to reduce fat (visceral fat by 22%) and is the only one capable of generating muscle by 18%. In just four sessions, mark abs and forcefully lift buttocks. Our device provides these benefits to clients or patients of a clinic. What does I-sculpt provide in beauty centers, aesthetic clinics, aesthetic medicine centers, or beauty salons? Can the outlay incorporate this new device be a risky investment? What profitability does it generate for clinics?

Having a device like I-sculpt FMS in your clinic will allow you to offer your patients complementary treatments with visible results in very few sessions. They will talk it with their friends and family. The best publicity for your excellent work with I-sculpt is to have your patients satisfied and happy with the results obtained.

After the purchase of the device and the personnel’s training, both in use and the benefits that this technology offers to its customers, you only have to present this new service to your current and potential customers. You can run an email campaign to invite current patients, former patients, friends, and family to launch this new clinical service.

The future is bright for aesthetic professionals who incorporate I-sculpt FMS into their esthetic clinics or beauty centers. Coming soon, we will announce the release of I-sculpt FMS to the market. It is the right time
to request information and be among the first to incorporate this new technology.

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