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i-face Esthetic: The Revolution in Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation


The desire to show off a rejuvenated and radiant face without having to undergo surgery is now a reality thanks to i-Face Esthetic. This innovative system, designed and manufactured in Spain, has arrived to change the world of facial aesthetics. Subjected to different clinical trials, i-Face esthetic appears to improve facial treatments in a fast and efficient way.


How does i-face esthetic work?


i-Face Esthetic is a device based on neuromuscular stimulation, a technique that strengthens facial muscles through gentle electrical impulses that mimic the natural signal of the nervous system. It consists of applying low-intensity electrical currents to the muscles to provoke their contraction and promote their strengthening by imitating the natural contractions of the muscles.

This process helps to tone and firm the skin naturally, without the need for invasive treatments.

During each 20-minute session, i-Face Esthetic delivers up to 25,000 pulses through its facial patches, targeting 4 key areas: forehead, chin and eye contour.

These impulses improve blood circulation and promote the delivery of essential nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells.  Además, estimulan los músculos faciales, mejorando su tono y promoviendo la producción de colágeno y elastina, fundamentales para una piel firme y tersa ya que son proteínas vitales responsables de mantener la elasticidad y firmeza de la piel.

This non-invasive and painless treatment achieves visible results from the first session.


mujer iface con aparatologia

Benefits of i-face esthetic


Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, i-face esthetic produces several benefits on the skin and muscles of the face.

Firmer, smoother skin: helps to improve muscle tone, resulting in firmer, smoother skin. Regular use can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Increased blood flow: improves blood circulation giving the skin more radiance and a healthier appearance.

Brightening of the face: revitalized and radiant complexion after incorporating i-Face Esthetic into your beauty routines.

Eye contour attenuation: it favors lymphatic drainage, reducing bags and eye contour.


Another great advantage of i-Face Esthetic is that it stimulates the release of endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that act as natural painkillers, thus reducing pain and promoting a sense of well-being during treatment.


I-Face esthetic is characterized by its ease of use and compact design. Its hands-free software allows you to automatically adapt the treatment parameters according to the client’s needs without the need of an operator, thus modernizing your center and providing it with the most versatile technology.

If you want to include i-face in your esthetic center, ask us for more information and our consultants will contact you.