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Can I lose weight and tone up at the same time

It is one of the great advantages of our method. What is the first thing you do when you want to lose weight? A low-calorie diet? Consuming fewer calories is a slimming method, but if you only use this method you won’t get the result you want in your body.

You cannot forget your muscle tone and skin tone. They will decrease with your diet, unless you apply the i-motion EMS method. With this electro-stimulation equipment, you can tone your muscles and lose weight at the same time.

What’s the reason behind this technique? Keep scrolling down!

Lose weight and tone up at the same time with i-motion EMS

As difficult as it may seem, it is a possible objective. When we follow a diet to reduce the calories intake in our body, we forget, in many cases, to alternate it with exercises that allow us to work muscles tonicity. Has it ever happened to you?

Now you don’t have to worry about this. Thanks to sequential EMS impulses and the wide variety of programs that EMS device of i-motion has, you can do it, using the Slim program, intended for all those who want to lose weight. Along with the Definition program, it provides a further increase of muscle tone without developing musculature.

The main reason why this method allows you to lose weight and tone up at the same time is because the basal metabolic. The minimum energy that you need to make the cells remain, increases, more calories are spent in during the day and it makes you to lose more volume and inches of fat.

i-motion EMS: a safe method

It is the first wireless device able to offer trainings and sessions with total freedom, being able to adjust and automate the different protocols. EMS works on the whole body and may even contract more than 350 muscles at the same time. With this device you can make the way shorter and get faster results: sequential impulses that comes from outside and that goes directly to the motor nerve or neurotransmitter.

Thanks to the i-motion EMS device, the effect produced in a natural way can be intensified. It is effective, safe, positive and adapted. It can reshape your entire body, reducing heaps of fat and spend more calories. However, to obtain good results need to be consistent and use electro-stimulation on a regular basis and always advised by a professional.

We can say YesEMS electrical stimulation is a safe method and without any danger. It is also not invasive to the body. However, for greater safety, in i-motion we advise aesthetics, sport and health centers to not put them into practice with people who suffer from an illness that makes it impossible for them to exercise.

Otherwise, no problem. If you’re a healthy person that seeks to improve the results on your body, go ahead! Use EMS!

Why is i-motion EMS safe to lose weight and tone up at the same time?

i-motion is a safe initiative because of many reasons, if you follow the rules of a safe method:

  • Any activity with EMS must be directed and supervised by a professional.
  • It doesn’t have side effects.
  • You will have to start with small impulses and increase its power progressively.
  • Stimulation occurs on the muscles, so it does not reach the organs.
  • Don’t forget to rest.

Combine your diet with electro-stimulation programs ensuring an effective weight loss. Give electrostimulation wings!

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