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i-motion, the ideal partner to start a business

The i-motion equipment has become the most advanced muscle electrostimulation technology on the market, a phenomenon that numerous trainers and athletes are taking advantage of as a business opportunity or a way to improve. Thanks to its rapidly visible results, many investors have found such advances a clear opportunity to invest.

More and more distributors see in i-motion EMS the ideal partner to discover the world of entrepreneurship. However, they should be aware of the increase in team requests and the great booming business opportunity behind this technique. i-motion already has a presence in numerous countries, including Italy, France, Spain and Mexico. In addition, it has 28 official distributors around the world.

This data continues to grow, as its technology is constantly expanding, and more and more countries and entrepreneurs are betting on this equipment. The reasons lie, above all, in its advanced technology and the opportunity to create a profitable business. Do you want to know why i-motion can be your ideal partner? Continue reading this post and join us on this journey.

7 reasons why i-motion is the ideal partner for many entrepreneurs

Do you still don’t know what muscle electrostimulation is? If starting a business is already scary for many people, imagine doing so investing on a technology that is still unknown to many. That’s why i-motion offers tailored training that won’t take too long and help you understand how it works. With this equipment, you’ll never be alone, as their technical support and remote support will be available to answer your questions at any time.

  1. It’s an ever-expanding business.
  2. It is a new way to deal with the world of training and physical preparation.
  3. Anyone can get in shape with it, so it has a very wide field of customers.
  4. It can meet very diverse needs, not just sports.
  5. It is a rehabilitation technique widely used in physiotherapeutic clinics.
  6. It has distinctive features compared to the competition (smart software, active recovery, remote assistance, etc.).
  7. It has the technical EMS certificate, which offers a differential value to the person who uses it.

Are you ready to grow with us?

Electrostimulation investors: a business opportunity for coaches

The use and proliferation of electrostimulation has become a chain phenomenon: investors bet on it, open gyms or other sports centers, becoming a job opportunity for personal trainers and physical trainers, and, as a result, bringing athletes closer to their benefits.

An example of this process is the so-called i-motion Club, sports centers that offer a unique business opportunity to those who invest in them and to the athletes who train. It’s a cost-effective way to bring 100% safe and quality i-motion equipment, with a medical certificate that improves the lifestyle of your customers.

In addition, they will be able to enjoy an agile after-sales and technical support service by contacting i-motion directly. Are you ready to benefit from a booming business model by joining our club? And to get the benefits that i-motion can offer you?

Save space and money in your gym with muscle electrostimulation

Are you used to going to the gym? Do you work in one of them? Are you the owner of a sports center? So, stay, because we’re going to tell you how to save space and money. Gyms typically have a wide variety of machines for each of the exercises that are performed:

  • Stationary bike. It is ideal for improving cardiovascular rhythm, burning calories faster and increasing blood pressure. This is one of the most well-known and used machines in gyms.
  • Treadmill. It is a physical training machine that works through electric or manual propulsion and serves to walk or run without moving from the site. It is one of the best-selling cardio machines and it is ideal for sports.
  • Elliptical bike. It allows to strengthen, develop and tone the different muscles to get in shape in a balanced way. They are ideal for leg and arm muscles, buttocks and abs.
  • Peck Deck. This machine is ideal for gaining strength in the pectoral muscles.
  • Dorsal machine. This technique is used to work the back and the chest. This exercise can be done with narrow or wide grip, depending on the muscles we are going to work on.
  • Abductor. It is a perfect, high performance tool to perform an effective workout of the abductor muscles of the hip.

There are many other machines in the gyms, don’t think these are the only ones. However, each has a different price, which is a high investment. It is at this point that gyms should consider the use of muscle electrostimulation equipment, since they can work more than 300 muscles, with strong stresses in short periods of time.

As a result, you get visible results in a few sessions, you can do it without many machines, since i-motion EMS can work any muscle, and therefore you save space and money.

Brief final thoughts on EMS

Gradually, training with the i-motion EMS has been imposed in different fields of application. What initially seemed like a simple technique for sport, today is one of the most advanced equipment on the market also for other areas, such as physiotherapy and aesthetics. The electrode system with which i-motion works allows you to do countless specific exercises, and thanks to them, muscle fibers generate strength.

Do you want to take advantage of this business opportunity? Do you need to know more? Do no hesitate and contact us, we will tell you anything you need to know about our EMS unit at

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