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      Differentiate your workouts

      i-motion uses electrostimulation technology with programs developed for a comfortable and pleasant sensation and an intense and deep workout. 20-minute sessions with effective results in a short period of time.

      Numerous competitive advantages over other electrostimulation equipment on the market with a 2-year warranty.


      i-motion inalámbrico


      Train wherever and whenever you want with our wireless bluetooth equipment with a range of up to 100 meters.

      i-motion impulsos secuenciales

      Sequential pulses

      Hidden wiring technology with rubber-carbon electrodes that allows a more comfortable training without cables.

      i-motion control de sesiones

      Session control

      Record all the parameters of your clients’ sessions to resume them quickly and automatically in the next session.

      E-kcal patented system

      E-kcal allows you to measure the calories burned during and up to 48 hours after each session.

      Virtual Trainer

      This function shows a video that allows you to guide your users during the exercises.

      Software EMS inteligente

      Intelligent EMS software

      Automatically recalibrates programs within a training protocol and is capable of intelligently self-adjusting the intensity of the impulse on each muscle group.

      i-motion soporte técnico

      Technical support

      Our technical support department is at your disposal 24/7. Through our online remote support system we can access your tablet to solve any problem you may have.


      i-motion Cloud

      i-motion Cloud

      With this tool you will save all the training sessions of each of your clients in the cloud avoiding possible incidents.


      i-motion multigrupal


      With our multigroup system you can perform independent workouts to 7 different users simultaneously.