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The only equipment on the market that produces a comfortable and pleasant sensation by subjecting the muscles to intense and deep work.

reloj 4 horas deporte 20 minutos


1 session of 20 minutes = 4 hours of conventional training.

The only equipment on the market that produces a comfortable and pleasant sensation by subjecting the muscles to intense and deep work.


1 session of 20 minutes = 3 hours of conventional training.

What is i-motion and how it works

I-motion EMS has been developed to carry out an integral electrostimulation, activating more than 300 muscles simultaneously in sessions of 20 minutes.

It consists of the latest technology to achieve unbeatable results in sports performance, muscle toning, weight loss, rehabilitation, physical improvement, pain reduction, etc…

The I-motion Bio-Jacket, manufactured entirely in Spain, guarantees perfect mobility and covers most of the body allowing the EMS waves to access more than half of our 650 muscles.

The electrodes used in the training suits are made of rubber-carbon, lightweight and specifically developed for electrostimulation.

Its advanced wireless technology with bluetooth class 1 internationally approved with 100 meters of radio range and anti-breakage communication security system, ensure never lose control of the user, providing in turn, safety, efficiency and comfort of use.

It adapts to the body perfectly and gives total freedom of movement for group and multi-group training with no limit to the number of participants.

i-motion components

biojacket i-motion

I-Motion Ems : Features of the Bio Jacket

  • Vest in which the electrodes can be relocated to achieve optimal muscle stimulation, allowing us to stimulate muscles other than the default muscle groups.
  • Comfortable and antibacterial suit. Made of resistant and elastic material that adapts perfectly to the body.
  • Independent electrodes that the user can adapt to the muscle groups according to the size of the user.
  • The electrodes are sprayed with water for better conductivity and producing a more comfortable and pleasant feeling during training.
  • The hidden wiring system allows for greater freedom of movement during workouts.
unidad-mci i-motion

WCM: State-of-the-art wireless connection module

  • Light and compact wireless technology.
  • Intelligent pulses.
  • No cables, integrated long-lasting battery.
  • 16 hours of autonomy.
  • Chronaxie with pulse adaptation for each muscle group.
  • Sequential currents.
  • International Certifications.

I-motion software is always in continuous development, it is one of the most advanced in the market.

One of our greatest strengths compared to other electrostimulation equipment on the market is that we are always in continuous study and development, offering an optimal and effective training.

The main advantages of our software are:

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Remote assistance anywhere in the world via Team Viewer or Anydesk.
  • Our operating system is Windows (latest operating system) system under Microsoft’s world leading license and Android.
  • When changing programs all parameters are preset, i.e. contraction and relaxation times will be at optimal values for each program regardless of whether they can be varied at will. This saves a lot of time during training and reduces training errors.

Improve your business by offering the ultimate in electrostimulation training.

The smart EMS software automatically recalibrates the programs within a training protocol and is capable of intelligently self-adjusting the intensity of the impulse on each muscle group.

The I-motion equipment consists of a central unit (Tablet or screen), the treatment vest where the electrodes are placed (Bio-Jacket) and wireless communication modules (WCM) to carry out the training wirelessly.

Main features of the equipment:

  • Rechargeable lithium batteries 3400mA (autonomy up to 16 hours).
  • Bluetooth module class 1 (100 meters) professional bluetooth module manufactured in USA Microchip brand and approved internationally ensuring its possible use in any country in the world and ensuring that its radio spectrum is not harmful to health.
  • Various types of screens: 10.6″ tablet and 21.6″ large screen.
  • Communication break security systems that guarantee to always maintain control over the user, this being fundamental in a wireless system.
  • The stimulation system with compensated biphasic waves guarantees an optimal way to stimulate the muscles with a minimum accumulation of lactic acid being this very important when training and obtaining good results on the muscular systems.
  • Self-compensated adjustment system by current measurement for easier and faster adjustment.
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i-motion impulso de electroestimulación

i-motion Strengths

1. In only one 20 minute session you will achieve the equivalent results of a 4 hour conventional workout.

2. The best electrostimulation impulse on the market. It has a comfortable and pleasant sensation.

3. Allows you to keep track of the clients thanks to its training saving functions.

4. E-KCAL (electro-kilocalorie) meter that allows you to calculate caloric expenditure during the session and even after.

Benefits and results of i-motion

i-motion combines active gymnastics with electrostimulation muscle currents, achieving fantastic results.

i-motion app

Intelligent EMS software

i-motion combines active gymnastics with electrostimulation muscle currents, achieving fantastic results.

i-motion soporte técnico

Technical support

Our technical support department is at your disposal 24/7. Through our online remote support system we can access your tablet to solve any problem you may have.

i-motion multiusuario


With our multigroup system you can perform independent training sessions for 10 different users simultaneously.

bienestar i-motion

Active recovery

A faster and safer way to work your metabolism in the recovery phase without damaging any muscle group.

i-motion empresa española

Session control

Allows you to know how many sessions your clients have booked and how many sessions each user has left at all times.

conexion-inalambrica-a-internet imotion


Our bluetooth class 1 connection allows up to 100 meters distance.

i-motion impulsos electricos

Sequential pulses

Pioneers in the market with this system that develops a sequence of impulses precisely on each muscle group.

i-motion, the ideal partner to start a business

i-motion Cloud

With this tool you will save all the workouts of each of your clients in the cloud avoiding possible incidents.


2 year warranty

We are so confident in our technology, that for the purchase of an i-motion equipment we offer you a 2 year warranty.


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Present in more than 60 countries

What our clients say

I have been training with i-motion for over 2 years, both at the i-motion club London center and at home and all my clients wouldn't trade this equipment for anything.

Cruz MazdeuPersonal Trainer

For me, i-motion is not just a training system, it's a lifestyle. EMS training as an international and professional field hockey player in the Austrian league has increased my physical efficiency.
I train people in Austria, Egypt and Germany and I am always glad to hear their feedback..

Ahmed MansourPersonal Trainer

I do personal training in different countries like Spain, Morocco and France. With I-Motion Club I can organize all my clients much easier.

Hammid BenhammouPersonal Trainer
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Do you want to be a trainer with i-motion EMS?

i-motion is designed so that any person, after receiving a previous training by our professionals, can lead the training sessions.

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