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i-motion presents its Smart EMS software in Dubai

Electrofitness consists of a type of training that is developing a great evolution. Personal trainers for athletes usually include it in their EMS training sessions. It contains a multitude of benefits and it is not intended for a single sporting discipline. Have you ever practiced this training? Join us, today we will explain its most relevant aspects.

5 benefits of electrofitness in running

Electrofitness can be performed in any sport but running is the one that can benefit the most from it. Elite athletes like the former sprinter Usain Bolt have used it in their training sessions. The high performance to which these types of professionals are subjected is only achieved if they are prepared with the best possible tools. Do you want to discover the benefits that electrofitness provides in sports like running? Here are five of them:

  1. Greater speed

If you do EMS workouts you will improve your speed. This aspect is fundamental for runners as we already know. That’s why you need to develop the right exercises to get the most out of your speed. This kind of improvement can lead to an improvement in your physical performance.

  1. Increase muscle mass

Thanks to suits like the i-motion Bio-Jacket you will get through a comfortable and pleasant EMS workout an increase in your muscle mass. Another great benefit both for your fitness and to achieve your sporting purposes.

  1. Increase muscle strength

It is not the same as muscle mass and certain people in society confuse it. The first focuses on resistance, while the second is focused on volume. Therefore, increasing muscle strength is essential in any sport, because the more you have, the more stamina you possess.

  1. Improve endurance

It’s connected to the above benefit because if you can increase your strength, you’re going to optimize your stamina. In athletics there are different types of running and it depends on which requirements are different. In the case of a cross-country race, you need more stamina. In contrast, the 100-meter one requires more speed.

  1. Prevent joint stress

It is also known as “arthrosis” and it is one of the biggest problems of athletes after years of exercise or competition. It is often associated with older people, but there are many young people suffering from this chronic degenerative disease. Training with the electrofitness component can prevent its appearance. Why? Because joints do not suffer as much with the use of electrostimulation products or services.

Types of electrofitness workouts

Electrofitness with it’s a different way of training. One that improves the well-being of the user and with which the user achieves better results. Within this practice we can also find different ways of training:

  1. Training load

One of the sports in which this type of electrofitness training is most important is weightlifting. It is focused on training strength and muscle mass. They are, as the name suggests, load trainings in which you want to increase the endurance of the athlete. Some of the exercises that are performed in an EMS training aimed at weightlifting are: squats, vertical jumps with load or bench press.

  1. Interval training

It is a type of training widely used and developed in sports sessions. As the name suggests, exercises are performed within certain time intervals. It also consists of certain breaks that complement the exercise and they are one of the specific techniques for optimizing results. Among the most outstanding benefits we can find the capacity for psychic adaptation that the athlete gets in any situation of tiredness. This type of physical preparation is in turn composed of different models:

  • Short intensity interval training: Exercises are performed for one minute, followed by 30 seconds of rest.
  • Medium extensive interval training: Exercises are performed for three minutes, followed by one minute of rest.
  • Long extensive interval training: Exercises are performed for five minutes, followed by one minute of rest.
  1. Muscle relaxation training

It is focused on the care of the muscles. This type of training facilitates the release of muscle tension as well as the elongation of muscle fibers. Physical and mental disciplines such as Yoga and Pilates are two in which these trainings are practiced. In these disciplines, an EMS electrofitness equipment can help improve the results that users want thanks to its innovative technologies. However, in other types of disciplines it is also necessary for athletes to relax their muscles and therefore perform muscle relaxation exercises.

  1. Extensive training

Its main goal is to improve the user’s aerobic capacity and efficiency. They consist of workouts with an intensity that is in the medium and high range. In sessions that make up extensive workouts, users perform an intense and tired exercise in which the loads have a very important role. Being, above all, an aerobic exercise, one of the most worked elements is the heart, since it is exercised for a relatively long time with a high intensity.

i-motion Bio-Jacket: your perfect suit for an EMS workout

It is the most comfortable and pleasant suit that exists on the market. Thanks to its materials you will be able to carry out your EMS training sessions with total freedom of movement. It’s not a heavy suit and covers most of your body. There is no difficulty for EMS waves to connect to your body, allowing the function of those waves to reach more than half of the muscles of your body. Moreover, this innovative suit is used by electrodes, made of rubber-carbon, differentiated, above all, by how light they are. In addition, even if they have been placed in a specific area of the body, they can be repositioned. Why? To achieve greater stimulation in other muscles. It is aimed at all types of bodies and, therefore, we have different sizes that adapt without any problem to the body of the user.

Electrofitness evolves more and more because in a 20-minute session you can get the same, even better results than in a workout that lasts 60 minutes. As you have seen, electrofitness can be used in any sporting discipline, it does not have a single market profile. If you’re thinking of renewing your training sessions, try our EMS equipment. Request a demo, we will be happy to assist you.

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