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Electrofitness: discover what it is and its results

What is electrofitness? Electrofitness is the joint work of electrostimulation and physical training to get the body in shape quickly and efficiently.

Electrostimulation is the electrical stimulation of the muscle, or EMS (which stands for Electro Muscular Stimulation). It is a form of electrotherapy where muscles are stimulated by an electric current to contract intermittently, producing contraction in a controlled manner.

Until recently, EMS had been only used in physiotherapy in the injury treatment, recovery after having had an accident and for muscle recovery after a competition. Using EMS, it is possible to recover the mobility and strength after being disabled for different causes. It has also been used by elite athletes, because it increases sports performance. Now, EMS is available and affordable thanks to electrofitness. It is used in specialized centres and gyms and has reached the general public.

With electrofitness, involuntary exercise is done. Traditional fitness voluntary exercise with EMS allows conducting a training session in less time, reaching optimal results. In addition, muscles are exercised that are normally not activated, and all muscles work at the same time, activating up to 350 muscles simultaneously.

You can work different muscle groups independently. This way, if there is discomfort in a particular muscle or muscle group, this can be disconnected.

A session lasts 20 minutes. 5 minutes of warming up first and 5 minutes of relaxation at the end. During training, you start with cardiovascular exercises, which are followed by strength exercises to finish with cardiovascular exercises again. As we have said, all muscle groups are worked, both large and small.

Very brief sessions of 20 minutes are equivalent to four hours of conventional training. The frequency is one or two sessions per week.

You can see results after very few sessions, that is, after 4 or 6 sessions. In each session, about 2500 calories are burned. The energy output is very high, and not only because of the work done during the session, but also because after this and for three days more, the body continues to use calories due to the “afterburn” effect. Fat is burned by the “oxygen debt” that occurred in the body, that is, by the increase in oxygen consumption that occurred in the body due to intense work, maintaining the basal metabolic system at higher levels than usual.

How is an electrofitness session carried out?

The exercise is done wearing a neoprene jacket that is connected with a cable or two to a device that generates and sends electric impulses. The electrodes are located in strategic places on the body to produce contractions of muscle groups. In addition, there is the possibility of employing wireless devices, that is, a tablet and the Bluetooth technology, which allows exercising outdoors.

The jacket must be put on a t-shirt and cotton tights, which are usually provided by the centre or the gym. The client must only bring shoes and socks.

Once the jacket is placed, the intensity of electric impulses is set according to the characteristics of the user in order to carry out exercises safely. The sensation is a kind of tickling. After this, the electrofitness session can begin.

Athletes can do different exercises, work with dumbbells, do abs, steps, jogging, balance exercises and push-ups. You can also include the Pilates ball or a medicine ball.

Apart from that, sessions with electrofitness should be directed and supervised by a personal trainer. They will be in charge of presenting the exercise that must be done at each moment and, in addition, can correct the position when the exercise is not done well.

What are the results of electrofitness?

Electrofitness has very positive results, although like in any training that has a goal, you have to have some discipline and commitment to yourself. You have to work, have willpower and be constant, in addition to following a diet, if you want to lose weight.

You can lose weight with electrofitness, because it increases your basal metabolism and at the same time tones the muscles, unlike the case when you only follow a diet and might lose muscle and skin tone.

Electrofitness combats cellulite, since it eliminates toxins and metabolic waste, as well as the adipose tissue located in the first layers of the skin, increasing oxygenation and circulation.

Other results:

  • Avoids overloading the joints, ligaments and tendons.
  • Fights muscle flaccidity.
  • Strengthens muscles.
  • Increases muscle mass.
  • Increases strength.
  • Increases endurance and speed.
  • Improves posture.
  • Tones the body after pregnancy.
  • Treats diseases such as osteoporosis or osteoarthritis (depending on the condition).
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Hardens the abdomen.
  • Lifts the buttocks.
  • Reduces the volume of fat.

Electrofitness can strengthen the pelvic floor, helping women recover after childbirth, in addition to reducing urinary incontinence.

You can lose weight and the volume of fat very quickly, which is the basis of success of this type of training. However, the main advantage that has been studied the most, as evidenced by the literature on the subject, is the increase in physical performance.

Electrofitness is used by professional athletes such as the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, the soccer player Karim Benzema or the former tennis player Arantxa Sánchez Vicario. These employ this type of training because of its effectiveness.

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