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Training soccer players with electrostimulation

Electrostimulation can be used in different sports areas. Therefore, soccer players can also benefit from electric muscle stimulation. Have you never tried this kind of innovative training? An EMS workout can provide you with great benefits for both your physical and psychological condition.

Training with e-motion

The training sessions offered by i-motion are different from the others. The possibility of training using muscle electrostimulation is a major technological advance. Not only it is sports-oriented, it is also used by other sectors such as aesthetics and health. It is also not restricted for a specific age or for a specific sex. Anyone can perform electrostimulation sessions if they are not in any of the following cases:

  • Cardiorespiratory problems
  • Dermatological problems
  • Person with epilepsy
  • A person with an electronic device implanted, such as a pacemaker
  • Pregnant women

If you are among those people, we advise you not to train with EMS, as it can be harmful to your health. However, if you have any questions, contact your doctor.

One of the greatest benefits offered by the i-motion EMS equipment is its maximum profitability. It consists of a series of elements by which you will monetize the economic investment that you have made while increasing, even multiplying, the income. Why is i-motion profitable?

  • Because customers manage to fully amortize the cost of the EMS equipment. How long does it take to get it? After the first three months.
  • Because we offer a personalized training course taught by experts in the sector. Thanks to this course, customers can make the most of the EMS equipment and monetize their acquisition.
  • Because you don’t need to do your training sessions in a big space, as you can also develop them in a small room. It’s an equipment that occupy a lot of space, so you can use it anywhere, even outdoors. For example, in a park.
  • Because users who train with muscle electrostimulation see their changes quickly, approximately from the fourth training session, although the peak is in the eighth session. As you can see, you will achieve optimal results.

Electrostimulation training is recommended for soccer players

Some soccer professionals continue to wonder if in their training sessions they can use electrostimulation. The reality is that it is already used by some footballers. Examples of them are the former goalkeeper Jordi Codina and the current Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema.

Soccer players must have strong, muscular legs, among other parts of the body, and they can achieve this with an EMS electrostimulation training. Many claim their personal trainers a series of workouts that combine exercises with which certain muscles such as quadriceps are improved. Why? Because they need to run at higher speed and be able to shoot harder. In short, to practice their sport optimally.

However, for soccer players, it is important not only to train and improve the quadriceps area, but also other muscle groups such as the calf and buttocks, as well as working the pelvic waist. The quadriceps area is very delicate and needs to be worked hard, but we should not ignore the hamstrings. Strengthening the hamstring is a tired activity and soccer players usually do not spend the necessary time on it. This is a serious mistake, because many athletes can suffer from a hamstring strain.

The fact that muscle groups are decompensated causes soccer players to get injured frequently, so it is necessary to work them. If you train properly, you can avoid possible injuries.

Are you a soccer coach and want to use electrostimulation in your sessions?

You will be able to use muscle electrostimulation with in your workouts after having a proper training. Its use is not indicated for a certain type of professional, but it can be implanted in your training sessions as long as you previously do a training to know how to use it.

I-motion offers a training course so that people who buy the EMS equipment know how to use it and get the best out of it. Even so, we are aware that the most suitable professional to use this technology is the physiotherapist, thanks to the knowledge he/she obtains during their academic career.

Physiotherapists provide the sessions with extra knowledge such as knowing which intensities parameters are right for each client / player, as well as knowing perfectly the muscle groups that make up our body. For this type of professional, i-motion has created a series of programs called “EXPERT MODE”. There are six programs that physiotherapists can modify, as well as configure autonomously and independently and that are indicated, as their name shows, for the “most experts” in the field.

Its reason is that they possess greater knowledge and skills about the autonomy of the body. However, with the training course taught from i-motion you can acquire the necessary knowledge to use muscle electrostimulation in your personal EMS training sessions.

Smart EMS Software for athletes

I-motion offers the only EMS software on the market with which you can automatically adjust the intensities of the exercises that are performed in the EMS training sessions.

The intelligent and automatic adjustment of the intensities of the programs is one of its strengths. This benefit, apart from for users, is also aimed at coaches, as they will not have to adjust the corresponding parameters of each user’s exercises, they will be changed automatically.

In this way, with this software you can develop group and multigroup trainings. In this case, it would be a perfect tool for soccer teams. In these workouts the parameters of each player are changed automatically according to their needs or purposes, allowing an optimization of the time for the coach or physical trainer, among other benefits.

Do you train with muscle electrostimulation? If you are a soccer player or a coach, you should be aware of all the benefits that you can get with this type of training and that many of your professional colleagues already use it. Would you like to try it? Request a demo, we will be happy to assist you.

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