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How to generate a motor response

In a word: NO. There are differences between these two factors that we want to share with you today. The sports world is made up of a very wide range of concepts related to human capabilities. For this reason, we believe that it is time to talk about two that tend to be easily confused. From i-motion, we want to share with you what is muscular power, how to achieve it and its main difference with strength.

If you feel ready to discover it, join us on this journey!

Power and strength: they are not the same

When we talk about muscle power, we refer to the force you can apply with a movement and its speed. I.e., it is the ability with which a person can apply force rapidly.

This, however, has more to do with the activity that combines effort, speed and coordination of the movement. BBC shares one example: “lifting a weight once requires strength but raise it several times as soon as possible requires power“.

These are some of the conclusions that have reached investigators after several years of studies on thousands of men and women, as indicated in the EuroPrevent 2019 Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) which took place last April in Lisbon (Portugal).

How to improve muscle power?

Over the years, techniques to improve the strength, muscle power and endurance in athletes have developed, and we could not deal with this section without mentioning the electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). The value of its effectiveness has been tested at events such as the RiminiWellness or other meetings placed in Colombia, Mexico and Spain through 2019.

Increase muscle strength, mass, or the tone has a name: hypertrophy. It requires exercises with higher intensity that will get important changes in the structure of muscles. Some electro-stimulation equipment has programs with analgesic capabilities to relax after a workout focused on hypertrophy or strength resistance.

However, they also include programs that seek the growth of mass through electrical stimulation of the fibers type IIa and type IIb. In short, you can switch these programs with other muscle growth techniques, maximum shrinkage, etc., and as a result, athletes can reach deeper muscle layers and generate an appropriate volume.

For which bodybuilding are these programs recommended?

Before you start working with electrical stimulation for sports with, you should know that the implementation of ‘hypertrophy’ programs and its combination with other training activities are:

  • A general work of bodybuilding and can be done with or without dependent items of the exercise which is going to be done. Bars can be used with a maximum of 10 kg of weight, dumbbells for unilateral training, machines with open kinetic chains. It can be divided into specific muscle groups.
  • An eccentric work to break the maximum possible fibers – individual training of muscle groups -, working with isokinetic and isoinercials machines, multi-strength, etc. It consists of muscle groups, from clafs to chest and back, and working with bars, dumbbells with series and repetitions.

Thanks to this type of training, many athletes are managing to increase their muscle power. Do you know that it is proven that people with more muscle power have higher survival rates?

Remember to switch between this technique and these exercises with a diet low in saturated fat and high in fiber, to eliminate the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

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