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In this post we want to tell you the reasons why i-motion has become the most efficient muscle electrostimulation (EMS) suit for sports, and no matter how intense with which you do it because it won’t affect your comfort. This suit is called bio-jacket i-motion and it is here to make your training sessions more effective.

Would you like to know how it can help you? Let’s start!


The keys that assure a good functioning

Before we dive fully into the reasons why i-motion has become the most comfortable and efficient suit of all time for sports, we want to tell you some things that will help you understand its history and operation. Its origin is in Spain, where it has been entirely manufactured.

Its design ensures perfect mobility and covers most of the body, allowing access of EMS waves to more than half of our 650 muscles. In addition, the electrodes used in the bio-jacket i-motion for training are made of rubber-carbon, lightweight and developed exclusively for electrostimulation.

They can be placed anywhere in the body, regardless of the established areas, such as the middle buttock, the abductor muscles, or the transverse musculature of the abdomen. What is its consequence? Immediate, healthy results, better blood circulation and a more resilient bone system, among many other things.


Main characteristics of the bio-jacket i-motion

Here we will tell you the characteristics that make this electrostimulation suit a unique equipment:

  1. The electrodes can be relocated to achieve optimal muscle stimulation and it also allows the stimulation of other muscles rather than the default muscle groups.
  2. Because it just sends electrodes, the feeling is much more comfortable for outdoor use or in cold climates, when the body’s contact with water is less desirable.
  3. The suit has different sizes to adapt it to each shape of the body.
  4. It is a comfortable, odorless and antibacterial suit, which favors its maintenance. It has a sturdy and elastic material that adapts perfectly to the body.

Because of all these characteristics, we can say that i-motion has the most comfortable and efficient electrostimulation suit on today’s market today.


How does the coach benefit from this equipment?

The muscle electrostimulation of i-motion is a matter of two: a trainer that focuses the efforts on what really matters, and a user who maximizes the results obtained.

Thanks to i-motion’s EMS technical certificate, gyms, centers and professionals can access new opportunities thanks to the certification as an EMS professional, which differentiated them thanks to the set of skills, tools and methodologies they acquire throughout the training.

At i-motion we know that for training to be effective we have to work on two fundamental pillars: knowledge and action. That is: get the necessary knowledge and implement practical skills. The trainer can become a professional reference thanks to the added value of the i-motion software:

  • It is intuitive and easy to use.
  • It has remote assistance anywhere in the world.
  • It is in continuous development.
  • All programs are preset, so the times of contraction and relaxation are at optimal values for each of them.

To finish this post, we will tell you that among all the advantages presented by this equipment for the sports sector, adaptability and freedom of movement are a priority in group and multi-group training. Forget the participant limits. Train multiple groups at once without losing attention to users. I-motion is the most comfortable and efficient electrostimulator of the moment. Are you going to miss it?


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