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Electrostimulation adopts wellness purposes

Performing an electric muscle stimulation workout is beneficial for both your physical conditions and mental health. Some people confuse electrostimulation with radiofrequency, but they’re not the same. They bring different benefits to our bodies. If you are one of those people who considered them equal, we have developed a set of guidelines that show that they are not.

Differences between electrostimulation and radiofrequency

Muscle electrostimulation is positioned as a revolutionary new method. It consists of a muscle training that represents a breakthrough within the technological world for various fields or sectors. It is used in sport, aesthetics and health. It is developed to emit electrical stimuli, which target different muscle groups. The goal of muscle electrostimulation is to cause a contraction in the muscle with a certain intensity. The stimuli are projected directly into the muscle group or into a certain muscle through electrodes, an appropriate device to perform this function.

With this type of EMS training you can improve your physical condition and the part of the body that is worked and receives electrical impulses is also toned. In addition, not only the physical health of users can be improved, but also:

  • Contributes to weight loss: (Not if you do not work out and maintain a healthy diet). This is an add-on, but it is not miraculous, the user has to do his part.
  • Increases muscle mass: In the same way that you can toned the part you are working out; you can also gain muscle mass in different areas of the body.
  • Lymphatic drainage: Sports electrostimulation also works as a method of lymphatic drainage, as it helps to reduce fluid retention.

On the other hand, Radiofrequency is used in the aesthetic or sanitary field. Its origins date back many decades and began to be used in the surgery sector for the treatment of tumors and skin tightening. Within the world of aesthetics is also used, above all, for treatments of reduction of body volume and skin tightening.

It consists of a procedure in which the surgery is not develop, as there are no cuts or scars. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the U.S. government agency responsible for food, drugs and cosmetics. Back in 2002 they certified non-ablative radiofrequency (RFNA) as an effective technique that develops its purposes, and FDA defined it as a non-surgical skin stretching. The machine with which the treatment is performed generates internal heat in the dermis and heats the epidermis from within. What are the benefits of radiofrequency?

  • Improves blood circulation: It helps improve metabolism and blood circulation. Achieving optimal blood circulation significantly reduces cellulite.
  • Reduces body volume: This is achieved by losing more fluids, which often leads to more body volume.

I-motion: reasons to choose this professional electrostimulator

You won’t find the EMS device from in other companies. It puts at your disposal the only equipment on the market that provides a pleasant and comfortable feeling while your muscles work.

We started our journey in 2015 and in just four years, we have become a leading international brand of EMS training equipment. Thanks to it you will get a training session that work out more than 300 muscles simultaneously. They are subjected to strong intensity impulses in a short period of time and the results are successful, as the first physical changes are noticed with the first training sessions.

In addition, we have obtained all the required certificates, and we have the best quality, innovative technology and guarantees. These aspects are reflected in the KTC, CE and Quality Management certificates.

Nuestros ingenieros trabajan constantemente y estudian todas las posibles mejoras de nuestros servicios y productos. Ofrecemos las últimas novedades tecnológicas y uno de los elementos que representa esos cambios que se producen en la tecnología es el Software EMS Inteligente con el que trabaja i-motion. ¿Quieres conocer las ventajas que te ofrecemos? Algunas de ellas son:

Our engineers constantly work and study all possible improvements to our services and products. We offer the latest technological developments and one of the elements that represents those technological changes is the i-motion’s Smart EMS Software. Do you want to know its advantages?

  • Independent training: With our equipment we will be able to develop the training sessions individually. Each user will perform their training, and, in this way, there will be no problems of delays due to other users. Everyone will start their EMS training session on time.
  • Group and multigroup workouts: In the same way that individual workouts can be performed, group workouts can also be developed with our equipment. We are pioneers in this training model. It brings many benefits to the trainer or coach, because in one session you can gather several users and train them at once. The time you save in one session can be spent on others and you will be able to train more people.
  • EMS Active Recovery: It consists of a new method of recovering muscles. It is characterized by being faster and safer than other muscle recovery systems. There is no damage to any of the muscle groups and that aspect is one of its best advantages.
  • Improve feelings: With the i-motion EMS equipment you will train in another way, more comfortably, they will not be unpleasant workouts. It is true that the work will be hard and intense, however, it will not be uncomfortable. This fact is going to make you to want to continue training with our equipment.
  • Greater control of training sessions: The Smart EMS Software allows a more controlled session. Apart from controlling the workouts themselves, it can also monitor and track other issues such as the number of sessions that the user has performed or how their evolution is going. You will not lose any data that may be useful.
  • EMS Sequential Pulses: i-motion is a pioneer in these pulses, as they are the only ones on the market with their characteristics. They use an intelligent system that provides a series of sequences that are transmitted in the form of stimuli which are specifically directed to a type of muscle group.

Bio-Jacket: your complete and effective electrostimulator suit

It is the most complete and effective suit you will find on the market. It is a national product, as it has been fully manufactured in Spain. Among the aspects it guarantees, we highlight the facts that it provides full mobility, effective results and comfortable and pleasant workouts. The Bio-Jacket is characterized by being a lightweight and uniquely created suit for sports electrostimulation.

It consists of a vest in which the electrodes are placed, they can even be repositioned, in order to stimulate the desired muscle area. In addition, the electrodes are completely independent, allowing the user to place them in the area they want. There are several sizes so that it can be used in all types of bodies and it is not a limited product, as each suit fits perfectly to the body.

Did you know the differences between electrostimulation and radiofrequency? An electric muscle stimulation workout can provide you with great benefits, request a demo with i-motion and you will discover all the advantages it hides. Don’t waste your time and start training in a new way.

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