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Discover the innovation that will change the world of electrofitness

Body Fitness París –  16. – 18. March 2018

We invite you to one of the most important events in the world of fitness: the “Body Fitness Expo” in Paris, where i-motion will be the protagonist. This important event already celebrating its 31st edition is aimed at all those who feel passion for health and wellness through fitness.

There are many professionals who attend this great event. And on this occasion, i-motion will be present to introduce some very important novelties that will revolutionize the world of electrostimulation forever.

The three novelties that i-motion will present will benefit the work of coaches and clients forever. Let’s talk about each of them below.

The novelty that will change the world of electrofitness is our “Intelligent EMS Software”.

1. Intelligent EMS Software

It is an innovative system at the global level. It is a before and after in the world of EMS.

Currently, all electrostimulation equipment on the market is designed in a way that the trainer must manually adjust all intensity levels. In addition, the trainer must change the program each time it’s necessary to adjust it to each one of the users who are doing the training with EMS; and after that, to return to the default setting manually. It is very difficult to pay attention to all the users at the same time and keep an eye on the configurations. This means that a multigroup EMS training is still not well developed or completely optimized.

What would be a big change now?

Our software. Once the intensity levels are configured, the equipment is able to automatically adjust the programs within an established training protocol. It is also responsible for automatically setting the intensity levels for each program, as well as for each muscle group when the program is changed. This saves the trainer a lot of time, with i-motion being the only intelligent EMS training software on the market.

All the adjustments during the training are automatic; therefore, the trainer doesn’t have to set any parameters manually. In this way, the trainer plays a more important role being able to dedicate the whole time to attending the clients and giving them a very personalized service without having to worry about the equipment.

Our multi-group training system is the most effective on the market. In short, our EMS system is a great tool to help the trainer, making their work more efficient.

The second novelty is “Active Recovery EMS”.

2. Active Recovery EMS

In any training with electrostimulation, the maximum session duration recommended is of 20 minutes, so that there is no type of muscle injury.

In those 20 minutes, there are some short breaks to recover the muscles. These few minutes are spread over the whole session to avoid overloading the muscles. In the other EMS systems offered on the market, this recovery time is not considered.

How does our system work?

Our EMS system generates a specific impulse that doesn’t overload the muscles. During the recovery time, the metabolism keeps working while the muscles recover. A special program is applied that relaxes the muscle and activates the metabolism, maintaining an optimal muscular condition for the next contraction. We call this active recovery.

The biggest advantage of active recovery is that training is much more effective without risk of overloading the muscles.

The main benefit is that the user will get better results in the recommended 20 minutes of EMS training.

Therefore, with active recovery, you can optimize the training time of your clients even more and with more pleasant sensations.

The third novelty is “Sequential Impulses EMS”

3. Sequential impulses EMS

It is a completely new form of training where we can control the order of contractions, creating a new way of working agonist and antagonist muscles. In addition, the lymphatic circulation system is stimulated.

With sequential impulses, we can create massage sequences by senses, being able to drain the blood to the area we’re interested in.

The innovative advancement of the sequential impulses of the i-motion equipment allows us to open to a much broader and, at the same time, very specific field of electrostimulation.

What are sequential impulses?

These are responsible for transmitting electrical stimulus to different muscle groups. It is an alternative way of active EMS training that works on the whole body, regardless of the exercise that is carried out. The sequential impulses stimulate different muscle groups and are applied in a certain order. They are applied independently of the program established. Sequential impulses can be activated with any of the 26 programs of the i-motion equipment, and there are 5 pre-established sequences.

Benefits of sequential impulses

We must say that the application of sequential impulses brings significant benefits. Let’s see some of them:

  • Fewer injuries:

By concentrating the stimulation by zones, you can activate a muscle group that is normally not reached during conventional training.

  • Less muscle fatigue:

One of the important benefits of sequential impulses is that, due to their programming, we can adjust the contraction and resting times in the contraction sequences.

  • Less mental fatigue:

In training with EMS, general fatigue, both physical and mental, increases considerably. If we don’t know how to take advantage of active recovery, we can make use of sequential impulses, assuming that in a user’s technical training, more time can be used because muscles are worked in a pre-established order.

  • Greater technical work:

With the application of sequential currents, technical work increases due to their adaptation to both the discipline that is built and individual training. It is a useful tool for the improvement of muscular proprioception. That is, you can program specific exercises with the chosen sequence and, consequently, work a particular muscle group through this method. Thus, it can be a fairly accurate tool for professional sportsmen in different areas.


We want you to be part of this revolution that will bring to the world of electrostimulation these three great novelties. The Body Fitness Expo will take place in 3 days, from Friday, March 16, until Sunday, March 18, 2018, in Paris.

We’re waiting for you!

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