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Electrofitness 2020: know the next trends with imotion

Some say that this activity will be ‘the training of the future’, but the reality is that it is already the present of thousands of athletesElectrofitness is an innovative training method that is performed with electrostimulation equipment connected to the body through a tight suit or vest. Who could have imagined that a suit could help us get in shape? All muscles can work at once, increasing the work during the session.

Throughout 2019, we witnessed its application in the field of sport, health and aesthetics; we discovered the i-motion EMS electrostimulator (the most advanced technology equipment); and we found that this technique was becoming a trend in countries around the world. Proof of this has been the presence of our equipment in the heart of Mexico in March, Dubai in April, Chile in May, Italy in June, etc.

Now, it’s time to look ahead and be prepared for what awaits us in 2020.

What will electrofitness bring us in 2020?

A few weeks ago, we shared with you the trendy sports of the moments, and it seems that electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) will continue to be one that reigns in the sector. Eco-friendly or sporty clothing, specifically dedicated to yoga, leggings, colors and brands always set the trend, it is not a novelty.

Electrofitness activity will continue to grow in gyms and sports centers, gain new fans and introduce improvements to its equipment. i-motion has already done so through:

  • The quality of the equipment

Electrofitness is a very popular training method that is becoming increasingly fashionable in gyms. There are many equipment complements that are currently competing, but the only electrostimulation device on the market capable of providing pleasant sensations even during intense work is the professional muscle stimulator from It achieves this thanks to sequential currents to control the flow.

  • The comfort of its suit (Bio-Jacket)

The constant desire to innovate has led them to develop the Bio-Jacket, a suit that covers the whole body and guarantees comfort and freedom of movement. Its waves can easily access more than half of the 650 muscles of the body. In addition, their electrodes have been manufactured exclusively for EMS, they are made from rubber and carbon and they can be placed anywhere on the body.

  • Wireless equipment

Its wireless technology allows group and multigroup classes anywhere, as well as adapting the session to each of the group members. There is no limit of participants and each of them can stop to rest whenever they want, regardless of the rest of the participants. It’s every coach and fitness coaches’ dream. Its system has 100 meters of range, making it safe and preventing any disconnection.

  • Variety of programs

It includes 20 different training programs that have already been preset and adapted to the different needs of users. However, it has 6 other configurable programs that can be customized. Thanks to the i-motion Smart EMS Software, only an initial adjustment will be made for the equipment to automatically adjust the intensity parameters in the different programs of each training protocol.

Other alternatives to Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrostimulation can be an effective alternative to period pain. Its transcutaneous technique serves to soothe different types of pain thanks to the gentle impulses of the currents, and the control of intensity. Even a few years ago, this technique began to be seen as the ideal solution to soothe pain and anxiety.

In any case, electrostimulation continues to advance and incorporate improvements that make people’s lives easier. There are contraindications in its use, as it is not recommended to use it with pregnant women, children, patients with pacemakers or other disease. Therefore, it is always advisable to use the EMS with a professional.

Conclusions: electrofitness in 2020

Without a doubt, i-motion is already one of the most advanced electrical muscle stimulation equipment of 2020, and it will be a trend not only for the world of sport, but also for entrepreneurs who want to monetize their investment in a short time. It will be a perfect opportunity to optimize their time and multiply the revenue in the sports center. The EMS does not need a large space to train, 3 square meters are enough to perform any exercise.

Muscle electrostimulation will be strengthened as an innovative technique and current training method. The advent of its technology represents a turning point in the gym and sport market. So, to the question we asked you in the title of this post, we can only answer one thing: a lot of technology.

If you need training or any other help, i-motion specialist instructors will take care of providing you with what you need. Get the most out of your equipment and businesses!

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