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Electrostimulation training with the Biojacket

The Bio-Jacket electrostimulation training

The enormous technological advance we have experienced in recent years in the field of microelectronics, data transmission and logarithmic programming has unleashed an unprecedented momentum in the world of body care. These novelties, employed during controlled physical exercise, have resulted in the creation of electrofitness, or EMS training, which consist in undergoing specific electric wave stimulation with the Bio-Jacket or special clothing equipped with electrodes, at an affordable price and with unbeatable results.

What are the benefits of the Bio-Jacket?

The opinions regarding the Bio-Jacket are numerous, but everyone who has tried it coincides in one thing: the results are considerable. Muscle toning, superficial and deep fat lossincrease in strengthspeed and endurance, notable muscle relief; these are some of the benefits obtained during electrostimulation sessions with the Bio-Jacket.

To obtain good results, in addition to wearing the Bio-Jacket, we must follow the instructions of a supervisor in charge of the training, controlling the parameters depending on our initial physical state, age, sex, etc. The frequency of the trainings is only one or two times a week, which are, according to the opinions of the professionals, equivalent to more than six hours of conventional gym training.

Aesthetic and health results

In addition to the expected aesthetic results, most of the manufacturers of this type of technological devices, such as the German Miha-Bodytec, Loncego, Amplitrain and even the Spanish i-motion, include specific programs of functional recovery, rehabilitation, treatment of bone and neurological problems, strengthening of the pelvic floor or reducing of back pain.

As obvious, a necessary contribution to a healthy and balanced body would be a healthier and more natural diet, banning, if possible, all artificial and processed foods, and a lifestyle that would also include outdoor exercises, even if it’s just a walk.

The times have passed when one would lie down comfortably on a couch while receiving a cavitation session, or that of radio frequency, shock waves and other therapies of dubious efficacy and high prices. Now, it’s time to get moving, exercise 20 minutes a week, and at high intensity. Just buy a bonus for several sessions and start a new life!

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