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Characteristics and benefits of the electrostimulation jacket

2020 begins and the demand for electrostimulators continues to grow. The main reason lies in the advantages offered by the different equipment on the market such as i-motion (reduces the risk of injury, increases the performance of athletes, allows group and multigroup training, etc.). The growth in demand has been seen through the number of specific businesses that offer this technology and in the gyms that are incorporating it.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation has already been adopted by elite athletes and it is the protagonist of the athlete’s trainings for the Tokyo Olympics. The city prepares to receive between July 24 and August 9 athletes who will participate in the 28 sports of the Olympics.

Throughout this post we will share with you the presence of electrical muscle stimulation in the preparation of athletes for the most important sporting event in the world. Are you ready to join us?

EMS as a method of training and recovery in Olympic athletes

2020 is a promising year. The world’s biggest sporting event will return to Tokyo this summer, bringing together millions of people from around the world. The torch is re-ignited to welcome the best athletes, and we couldn’t ignore this opportunity to talk about electrostimulation as a method of training and recovery.

The Olympics Games only have room for the best. Preparing to reach the competition is a long and complex process that requires high performance. Even on competition days, you have to be prepared to recover as soon as possible from the effort required by sports such as swimming, tennis or rhythmic gymnastics. Electrostimulation equipment has become an effective alternative for these athletes for several reasons:

  • They allow active recovery after a great effort; therefore, the recovery time of the athlete is reduced.
  • Improves results through 20-minute sessions, which equates to 3 hours of conventional training.
  • As the muscles recover, a sequential impulse makes metabolism work.
  • It reduces the fatigue of athletes.
  • Trainers can make athletes work up to 350 muscles simultaneously and find it much easier to do group and multigroup workouts (without losing attention to each user). i-motion, for example, has no limit of participants.

i-motion is the equipment that brings together all these features. And many more! If you want to know more about the EMS device from, which is most advanced electrostimulator in technology, contact us.

The case of Usain Bolt

Let’s remember former athlete Usain Bolt for a moment. This famous Jamaican suffered a grade 1 strain in the hamstring of his right leg in one of his last competitions in the 100 meters of the Jamaican championship. He was a few days away from the Olympics, so he could lose his spot, but his close friends were confident that the best sprinter in history would go to Rio de Janeiro in the best conditions. And so, it was!

For a few days, the athlete was a constant doubt and posted on his social media the following message that he later deleted: “Sadly, I have tear of the proximal myotendinous junction of biceps femoris in my left hamstring with partial retraction. Three months rehab.”

His recovery and risk reduction came with the help of core workouts and electrostimulation, combined with his usual training plan. His recovery was soon established to face the 8 races he had in a few days. No one was wrong, as the athlete managed to win the gold medal again in the Olympic 100 in 9.81 seconds.

A brief summary of EMS in Olympic athletes

Usain Bolt is just one example of all athletes who benefit from electrical muscle stimulation, either to train or to recover from an injury. In any case, it works! At i-motion we work every day to improve the characteristics of our equipment, and although we are already the only wireless EMS equipment, we still have many challenges to face.

Training and injury prevention are two fundamental bases in athletes, and muscle electrostimulation has already been listed as a preventive technique. Experienced athletes know that this method allows them to reduce the risk of injury before and after their intense efforts.

Now that the next Olympics is approaching and the biggest sporting event is back in Tokyo, it’s time to pay attention to the training techniques used with athletes. Remember that the best way to do this is to combine physical exercise with electrofitness, since its application alone will not generate results.

It is not a miraculous technique, but a complete training method that allows us to make the most of our capabilities and helps to improve overall and specific performance.

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