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Group and multi-group training with i-motion EMS

Many sports centers that already use electrical muscle stimulation work simultaneously with multiple fitness equipment and machines due to the large demand. i-motion EMS has become an ideal choice for group and multi-group workouts. Unlimited number of participants!

Many personal trainers and physical trainers have increased the productivity of their sessions thanks to the innovative technology of their EMS equipment.

Group and multigroup training with EMS, are they possible?

Until recently, the number of people was a determining factor for training. Coaches and trainers had to split their sessions to train with different users. However, i-motion provides the possibility to do electrostimulation workouts in a multi-group way thanks to its programs. This EMS device at is custom-designed, and it can also be diversified into different training programs that adapt to the needs of users.

All this is possible thanks to the most recent technology on the market. Its screens give you more autonomy, and they are also used in group electrostimulation training thanks to their wireless modules.

In this way, not only users or athletes get great advantages, but also gyms or other sports centers. Each of the i-motion programs can follow ten people’s training at the same time and adapts the intensities individually. This group and multi-group training can be done in gyms, as well as EMS studios, sports centers and outdoors. You choose!

Thanks to a group or multi-group training, the personal trainer does not need to be aware of changing the exercises of each user, but the trainer can change the exercises of every user at the same time, gaining time and quality.

Couples training

With i-motion you can do couple workout exercises, giving users the possibility to jointly enjoy electrostimulation. The coach can be convinced that both will follow the same pace and will not have to work at two different speeds. For those who manage the center, it can also be very good, as it will save on staff costs and have a higher occupancy rate of their devices.

For the user or athlete, it will have a double benefit: it is an ally in training and it also saves money. It would be ideal for two teammates to agree or to sign up together for this training. Many centers turn to standardized EMS programs so that the coach can focus on both people and prevent them from experiencing frustration, insecurity, or being unable to execute movements.

Besides, the trainer can also exert manual resistance, for example: in a front arm raise exercise, and it can be done simultaneously with two people. However, the coach should always be prepared to maintain stability. The trainer should be able to ensure an equally demanding and motivating training for all participants. Here are some exercises that can be done with EMS in a group or couples training:

  • Bicep curl

User task 1. Static bicep curl: tighten statically during the impulse and release on the pause.

User task 2. Manual resistance bicep curl: tighten statically to the maximum point at the highest muscle tension during the impulse, release on the pause. During the impulse phase, the trainer exerts additional resistance.

User task 3. during the impulse, intensively inflate the biceps with peak contractions at the moment of maximum tension, release during the pause.

User task 4. Intensively inflate the biceps with final contractions at the moment of maximum muscle tension.

  • Squats

User task 1. Half dynamic squat. During the impulse, 2 seconds down/2 seconds up, release on the pause.

User task 2. Dynamic deep squat: during the impulse, 2 seconds down/2 seconds up, release on pause.

User task 3. During the impulse, peak contractions in the deep bending position of the knees, release on the pause.

User task 4. Dynamic single-leg squat. During the impulse, 2 seconds down/2 seconds up, release on the pause.

All the advantages of multi-group workouts match the goals of personal and physical trainers: freedom of movement, combining exercises with machines, no user limits and ensure a successful training session.

Do you want to improve the quality of your workouts? Are you a coach and would you like to train more people at the same time? Visit us, request a demo and discover all the possibilities of the most up-to-date electrical muscle stimulation equipment on the market.

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