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Gym with Electro-stimulation: 8 advantages to differentiate yourself

Electro-stimulation is a type of training that combines conventional exercise with controlled electrical impulses that are used for sports, medical and aesthetic purposes.

Many businesses have been able to take advantage in recent years of the opportunities to acquire these devices for their centers in order to improve physical fitness. People are no longer satisfied with going to the gym, but looking for a faster and safer way to get fit through electrofitness.

Many people lack the time to devote to sports every day of the week, but they are aware that they need to exercise. With Electro-stimulation they achieve, among other goals, toning, losing weight, increasing muscle mass, reducing cellulite, recovering from an injury or getting fit after giving birth.

One of the main advantages, that users highlight, is the saving of time, because in just 25 minutes a weekmore than 300 muscles work. The time was combined with the results achieved in the physical improvement of the body, making the Electro-stimulation of the currently preferred methods.

The businesses that can make the best use of Electro-stimulation equipment are those that are part of the health, aesthetics and sports sector. From a hospital or a physiotherapy clinic, to an aesthetic center or a gym.

The advantages of having a gym with Electro-stimulation are enough, taking into account the great competition of sports centers that exist in most large or medium-sized cities.

1. To attract another type of audience

One of the opportunities of having an Electro-stimulation device in a gym is the capture of another sector of the population.

This is the case, for example, of mothers who have given birth and want to tone the abdominal area. It also has many benefits for the elderly who need to strengthen the muscles, reduce joint pain or avoid urinary incontinence.

Probably, these groups of people would not go to your gym if you did not have an Electro-stimulation equipment, which is attracting a new audience.

2. Stand out against the competition

If you have a gym with Electro-stimulation, either in a large city or a smaller one, offering this service will allow you to stand out from the rest.

Almost all sports centers have the same devices and users usually decide depending on the proximity to their home, work or price.

However, when your offer is wider and more innovative than the rest, they will prefer to go to your gym to take advantage of that technology without caring about the rest.

3. Position yourself as a reference

Having a good Electro-stimulation equipment can be an advantage to position yourself in your area as a reference in technological advances.

Generating a good image to usual customers, potential ones or newcomers, is positive for any business. Being the top in the sector of sports, health and aesthetics will make the rest see you as the center of reference in the area.

4. Gym with Electro-stimulation: more clients in less time

The fact that the sessions last only 25 minutes, allows you to have many users throughout the day. Whether you are going to have an exclusive coach for Electro-stimulation or if you are going to do it with the rest of the staff you have for the gym.

Even if you want, you could schedule sessions in a single shift, mornings or evenings to continue with the rest of activities without having to hire more workers.

In addition, some equipment allow personalized collective training  to each member of the group, without the need to interrupt the session when the users are incorporated.

5. Make the investment profitable

An equipment of Electro-stimulation is profitable in a short time, since the sessions have a higher price than what usually costs a fee in the gym.

It is advisable to go once a week, so the cost of four sessions or up to eight monthly, will mean a rapid increase in income.

Yes, try to make a good promotion when you incorporate the equipment, so that both your customers and potential users are well informed.

6. Improve customer trust

The willpower at the time of evaluating the results is fundamental. There are people who are demotivated if they do not see quick benefits in the sport and end up abandoning the exercises and leaving the gym.

The advantage of Electro-stimulation is that, being constant and as long as the client follows the recommendations of his coach, he will soon notice the effects. In this way, your confidence increases and will encourage you to continue with the sessions and even sign up for other activities at the center.

7. Increase the price of the quota

Although normally, the Electro-stimulation equipment has its own clientele, which does not have to be the same one that comes to the gym to train, you can choose the use you give it.

Unless you open a franchise, if you have your own gym you can take advantage of it to increase the monthly or quarterly fee and allow the use of the equipment. That is, you could set different rates, both for users of the center and for those who want both.

8. Expand the training area in a gym with Electro-stimulation

Currently, there are very good wireless Electro-stimulation equipments in the market.

That way, in addition to using your gym, you can train outdoors if you acquire a computer that has the appropriate technology without cables for this type of sessions.

Recommendations to take advantage of Electro-stimulation

The advantages that we have seen that Electro-stimulation has for a gym can be capitalized as long as you follow some previous advice before purchasing the equipment.

Search approved equipment

There are many Electro-stimulation equipment in the market, but you should always choose those that are approved and that have been designed by doctors and specialists in the sector.

Have trained coaches

One of the main drawbacks of Electro-stimulation, which is why many people do not trust it anymore, is the training of the coaches.

In some centers, the staff is not qualified to lead the sessions and this may cause risks for users. Try to buy a equipment that has specific training and have at least one physiotherapist to take care of that part of the business.

Software with customized programs

The software is the most important part of the equipment, in addition to the Electrofitness suit or vest. Find one that can adapt to the needs of each person, with programs for each type of objective and characteristics.

You can even choose one that allows you to configure your own programming based on different parameters. Ideally, the provider should also be in continuous training, innovating the system without affecting the cost of the equipment.

Provider with broad warranty

The choice must be good to guarantee the profitability of the fitness electrostimulator  in the shortest possible time. Still, another thing you should keep in mind is that they offer you a guarantee of at least three or even five years.

Now it’s time to look for a provider and start enjoying the advantages of Electro-stimulation in your gym. It is important that you know what the risks or contraindications of this type of training  are, as well as all the benefits that users can obtain from personalized sessions.

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