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Electrostimulation to prevent injuries

Electrostimulation, as we well know, is not without controversy. Therefore, as professionals in the sector, we want to shed light on all the doubts that may arise in this regard and help to better understand different points regarding the EMS training.

In this post we are going to focus on the questions that may arise when it comes to EMS training and, whether this is the first time you are interested in the subject, or if you already enjoy the benefits provided by electrostimulation of the muscles, we hope to clarify all the doubts you may have created in recent years, ready?

What is an EMS training?

An EMS training is developed with advanced muscular electrostimulation equipment, which, through electrodes, emits an electrical stimulus signal to the muscle to cause contraction, which helps to improve our physical condition and enhance the results of conventional training.

The definition itself is simple, but from it we know that you may have many more questions, do not worry, we will try to solve them all.

Is it effective on its own?

Yes, in any case electrostimulation favors muscle strengthening, which will help you gain tone, muscle fibers will be more resistant, more oxygen will reach your muscles and helps mitigate muscle fatigue, but…

Just by using electrostimulation, will I get great abs?

No. The answer in this case is simple. A multitude of advertisements have intoxicated the popular opinion by exposing someone sitting on a sofa with extra kilos and then with some abs almost carved in stone.

Just like miracle diets, the reality exposed by such commercials does not exist, so in order to get the results you really want to work in accordance and within common sense.

An EMS training helps to improve physical fitness and, if desired, to focus the training on specific areas of the body. In other words, it passively helps to achieve better results than training without electrostimulation by itself.

The key to achieving the expected results is to lead a healthy life based on a balanced diet and do sport according to what you want to achieve, and, starting from this base, to obtain extraordinary results within the training, enters the fundamental part of electrostimulation for sports.

Conclusion: An EMS training is one that benefits, through passive exercise, our physical condition and complements a sporting activity to maximize results and help achieve the desired objectives.

Who can do an EMS training?

EMS training is not dangerous, but it is still not recommended for use in special cases:

  • People with epilepsy
  • Pregnant
  • People with cardiorespiratory ailments
  • Cardiopathies
  • People with skin conditions
  • Cancer patients or those who have overcome it
  • Patients with pacemakers or other electronic devices
  • Autoimmune diseases according to their pharmacological treatment

The use of electrostimulators for EMS training is not restricted to anyone outside this group of people, you just need a desire to improve and realistic goals to advance your purpose.

If with these indications you have doubts about whether or not you can use this type of sports technology, we recommend that you consult with your doctor, who through your history can give you a green light so that you can enjoy the advantages of electrostimulation.

Over time thousands of users have enjoyed the benefits that this field brings. For example, EMS trainings such as electrofitness are among the most used because the advances it gives to this type of athletes are more than proven.

Professionals in sports such as cycling or football, among many others, also enjoy EMS training and recovery sessions, in order to promote and get the maximum benefit to develop their profession.

In addition, thousands of gyms around the world have implemented training sessions with electrostimulation and have been trained in this field to offer their customers more benefits, more services and therefore, better results in physical activity.

Conclusion: If you do not suffer from any of the conditions mentioned above and you want to obtain better results than with conventional sport, you can do an EMS training.

How an EMS training is performed

In order to solve this question about our EMS training, we have to solve three: where, how and how much. In this way, we will be able to carry out a training appropriate to ourselves and our activity. Let’s do it!

Where do you want to do electrostimulation training?

This question does not correspond to a geographical place, we mean which part of the body you are going to train and it is much more important than it may seem in principle. Training routines, both physical and through EMS, are important to meet our goals.

If you don’t have any previous experience, contact professionals who can advise you on both active and passive training routines. This way, you will be able to choose where to start your training and which muscular electro-stimulator corresponds to it, but with this we go further on.

The fact that this type of training can be so focused is what makes you enjoy unparalleled results. The possibilities are almost endless and almost any elite athlete you can think of resorts to this method to enhance the parts of the body that you need most.

However, for a complete workout, an electrostimulation vest such as the Imotion vest ensures that you can work on different muscle groups in the intensity that the EMS training session requires, thus speeding up the process much more.

How do I do EMS training?

First and foremost, it should be done painlessly. Once you have chosen the zone or zones over which you are going to perform your EMS training, you have to choose an intensity that is high but that you can tolerate without any type of problem. Electrostimulation doesn’t hurt and doesn’t have to, otherwise it’s not being done correctly.

Based on that, there are different training methods and again you have to take a look at your goals to choose the most appropriate one. For those that correspond to resistance, background or strength you have to choose a high intensity but painless to maximize the results.

For how long do I have to train?

This, in part, also has to do with your physical condition and your possible previous exercise routines. As with everything in this life, don’t abuse with its use, especially if you haven’t tried this type of training before.

You have to bear in mind that, for example, with a muscular electrostimulation vest you can exercise up to 300 muscles, if you exceed a training threshold to which you are accustomed, the next day you will have the typical discomfort of stiffness, just like practicing traditional sports, but with the difference that the perception of pain is much less than conventional training.

The best option? Let yourself be advised by professionals. If sport is your hobby, go to a gym with electrostimulation that has personnel specialized in this type of technology, and if you are a professional who wants to implement EMS training among their services, go to Imotion-EMS!

Conclusion: An EMS training is carried out with the intensity and duration appropriate to our physical condition, focusing the action on that or those parts of the body on which we have to work in that session.

What equipment is used for EMS training?

The answer seems simple too: with professional electrostimulation equipment. What does that mean? That not all the equipment you see on TV or on the Internet is professional, which can cause you not to have the right results, or even to have some displeasure in the future.

Electrostimulation equipment is safe, the only thing you have to take into account is the supplier you get it from. In Imotion-EMS we are specialized in the creation of the most advanced EMS training systems, therefore, every day more professionals count on us.

There are several keys to a successful EMS training, do you want to know them?

The equipment has to be correctly designed

Nothing in electrostimulation stays on the random side. The electrodes, in addition to being safely created, must be of adequate size and proximity for the training with muscular electrostimulation to be satisfactory.

If we apply current with a device that has very separate electrodes, we may not be able to train the muscles we are interested in in an optimal way. On the other hand, if the electrodes are close and emit the necessary amount of current, the training will be developed in such a way that the effects will be visible within a few sessions of having started.

No strings is better

If wireless technology has developed in recent years in different fields, it’s for a reason. In Imotion we are aware of it, therefore, for an effective EMS training, we have eliminated the ties of our electrostimulation equipment. So you can use our electrostimulators wirelessly and exercise at the same time without any worries.

What do you get with this? Among other things, increasing the range of exercises that the user can perform using our equipment and thus improving the result, increases safety by avoiding accidents with the cables and gains in comfort, both for the user and for the trainer who may be helping. These are all advantages!

Why the Imotion-EMS electrostimulation equipment stands out

Our advances in the field of electrostimulation have allowed us to create equipment and software capable of optimizing results for both the user and the trainer.

On the one hand, the user enjoys a comfortable sensation when wearing our electrostimulation equipment while performing a multi-muscular exercise that helps his or her body as a whole. The impulses can also be developed in sequence in different muscle groups, which precisely helps each part of the body being treated, while helping a faster and more efficient recovery if you’re using it as a means of recovery.

On the other hand, the Imotion software is so advanced that you can control the sessions left to each user, as you can record and program their training routines, but not only that, the smart software Imotion is able to automatically adjust the training programs within each user, adapting the levels of intensity within a program, even by muscle group.

In addition to this, you have a 5-year warranty, the software is constantly updated in search of new improvements, you have a system for saving training plans in the cloud and to discover all the advantages of the Imotion-EMS muscle stimulator, all you have to do is try it!

Conclusion: The electrostimulation equipment you must choose must be manufactured by professionals in the sector, who pay attention to all safety issues and regulations, creating equipment that is really useful for the user through the creation and arrangement of electrodes.

Benefits of EMS training

Now that you know more about EMS training and also some of the advantages it can bring, let’s talk about some of its benefits, but the best way to discover them is to do an EMS exercise routine yourself!

Boosts the results of conventional sports training

As you have seen throughout the reading because we have already mentioned, the EMS training helps to enhance the results obtained with a conventional physical training.

By themselves both training methods are effective, but when both forces are added the results are better. Thanks to the use of a vest like Imotion you can work 300 muscles simultaneously, which saves you a significant effort.

On the other hand, if you need to work on a specific part of the body, the muscle stimulator will also help you achieve your goals in a simple way.

Bones and joints are not damaged or worn out

One of the great advantages of EMS training is that joints and bones are not at risk for damage. After all, every time we practice a sport our joints suffer an impact or friction that wears away, something that does not happen when we exercise passively through the impulses of an electrostimulator.

This would lead us to another of the advantages, in this case medical, of electrostimulation, and is the possibility of muscle strengthening in people with some kind of paralysis, so it is demonstrated the next point that we will tell you.

Increases muscle tissue

Although the muscles work passively, they suffer a notable increase in muscle tissue, as well as deep tissue, which is more difficult to exercise with physical exercise.

The intensity of the stimulus generated by the electrostimulators causes the deepest fibres to be exercised, so the increase in muscle tissue is remarkable and, consequently, capacities such as strength, endurance or volume are increased.

We also gain in muscular explosiveness since training with EMS helps the muscle to contract the greatest number of fibers, and also deeper, in a shorter time, which for some sports is especially interesting.

Reduced risk of muscle injury

EMS training implies a lower risk of muscle injury, not only because of the training method, but also because the application of EMS increases the blood flow to the area and, consequently, the muscles enjoy a higher concentration of vitamins and oxygen.

EMS training is usually performed under the supervision of an expert, who will advise you which areas to work or rest one day, which also helps to prevent muscle injury or fatigue. Similarly, the smart software of Imotion-EMS, can adjust the intensity levels of training automatically, so you can choose the effort applied on each muscle group.

Helps recover muscles and heal injuries

Another of the ways in which you can benefit from electrostimulation, and which favours an adequate training rhythm, is its use to recover injuries such as contractures or muscle fatigue.

An EMS training helps muscle regeneration, either after a period of inactivity due to injury or because you have been leading a sedentary life. Lack of physical activity can cause some muscles to suffer some atrophy, so starting with EMS training can help us get into rhythm more easily.

Not only are the advantages of electrostimulation in sport clear, it is also demonstrated in various studies on the benefits of EMS in the medical and health field, so its use is more than recommended.

Conclusion: Under a responsible use, an EMS training brings many benefits both in the final results and in the process to follow, helping at the same time to recover possible injuries arising from conventional training.

Conclusions about the EMS training

The best way to draw conclusions many times is to try in our own body how it affects a certain exercise. In the case of electrostimulation, everyone who ever tries it repeats it.

In the same way that it is not correct to exceed the usual or recommended training times when carrying out a conventional physical activity, the same happens with electrostimulation. In none of the cases is it advisable to go from 0 to 100, as they say, because our organism will suffer and we will not be able to appreciate the advantages it offers us.

If you plan to train with EMS, you must be aware of your needs, of the previous rhythm you had before starting muscular electrostimulation, use appropriate EMS equipment and whenever possible, let yourself be advised by professionals who can recommend what is most suitable for you, routines adapted to your body, and in this way, you can progress until you enjoy all the benefits that an EMS training with brings you.

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