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Training with electrostimulation for elderly people: benefits

Training with electrostimulation for senior citizens: benefits

Older people, like people of any age, should do physical activity to enjoy good health and a better quality of life. The loss of muscle (sarcopenia) and bone (osteopenia) mass, together with a sedentary lifestyle, can lead to decreased mobility and, consequently, the development of illnesses and degenerative diseases. That is why training with muscle electrostimulation (EMS) or electrofitness is fundamental.

i-motion is a great ally of people with such characteristics, because it doesn’t require large weight loads according to the type of program established by the coach, appropriate to the characteristics of the individual. The coach is an important figure in the EMS training, since they are in charge of evaluating the physical and health state of the person to define the appropriate training program and supervise its correct execution. This system is highly recommended for the elderly: the effects of electrostimulation in elderly people greatly improve their quality of life.

What kind of benefits are we talking about?

There are many benefits of electrostimulation for elderly people:

Thinning and toning: Older people tend to gain weight easily due to the lack of exercise and movement. EMS helps lose weight with appropriate exercises for each user and contributes to the increase in the agility and vitality of the individual.

Muscle strengthening, with or without impact on the joints: This characteristic makes EMS suitable for people of all types and ages.

Metabolism acceleration: You can burn up to 3,000 kcal per session.

Decreased urinary incontinence: One of the benefits of electrostimulation for older people is the pelvic floor reinforcement, which directly affects the decrease in urinary incontinence.

Increased balance and coordination capacity: Flexibility is a quality that deteriorates over time. When our muscles are tense and contracted, the blood flows more slowly, and therefore, there is a lack of oxygen and nutrients in that muscle. During i-motion sessions, stretches are carried out, focusing on the areas that each user needs to improve most. An agile and elastic body doesn’t allow illnesses easily and therefore improves the quality of life of people.

No more joint pains: You will achieve a more agile, strong and healthy body.

Rehabilitation of muscle injuries and contractures: Electrostimulation helps recover from injuries, chronic complaints, improve muscle tone and range of movement. Such training is ideal for older adults because it is performed under the supervision of professionals who establish a specific training plan for each individual, controlling the correct performance of the exercises.

Improve the stability and safety in movements. The loss of muscle mass and joint pain is very common in adults. Physical exhaustion over years and the lack of exercise cause pain and discomfort in the body. The performance provided by the i-motion system is greater than that achieved when exercising in a traditional way. Each muscle fibre is exercised to the maximum without risking joint stress.

In short, there are many benefits of electrostimulation for elderly people. For this reason, at i-motion, we encourage you to try a totally new EMS training system, with state-of-the-art technology, meeting the most demanding international standards in terms of radio frequency, so that total and complete safety during your workouts is guaranteed.

Remember that a moving body is a healthier body, as long as the right exercise is performed.

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