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How to get in shape fast after pregnancy with Electrofitness

With pregnancy, the body has a number of changes that must return to normal after giving birth. Getting in shape before and after pregnancy is possible thanks to the practice of Electrofitness.

Do some sport and follow some healthy eating habits, especially if you have chosen breastfeeding is the best for you and your baby.

However, it is always better to go to a professional to help you recover your figure after pregnancy. In that way, you will achieve the result in less time and also safely, without risk of injury.

One of the preferred practices by thousands of women in the world to get fit after pregnancy is Electrofitness. Although it is not something new, in recent years there has been a boom of people who have become fond of this way of exercising the body.

Electrofitness, in addition to improving your physical condition in general, influencing the areas you need, is a training that you can do without investing too much time. 

What is Electrofitness?

Electrofitness is a form of training that combines traditional physical exercise with the application of electric current. This current is applied to the body through electrodes  included into a special suit designed for it, connected to a state-of-the-art machine.

Normally, the equipment consists of a software with different programs that adapt to the needs of the user and a special neoprene suit. In this vest, pants and bracelets are placed the electrodes that allow the passage of Electro-stimulation waves to the muscles of different areas of the body (gluteal, abdominal, lumbar…).

Thanks to this equipment, it ‘s possible to work at the same time, in a single session of about 25 minutes, up to 300 different muscles. They contract intermittently in a controlled way thanks to the impulses that the equipment sends, as if they were the natural signals of the brain.

Electro-stimulation is used to improve the performance of high level athletes, accelerate weight loss and volume accompanied of diets, muscle toning, cellulite, abdominalsrehabilitation of muscle injuries and other benefits. In fact, it was created with this last objective, as a therapeutic means to repair neuromuscular tissues or some traumatisms.

Electrofitness after childbirth: main advantages

The Electrofitness is ideal for anyone, whether male or female, who wants to get fit. Its advantages are responsible for the fame it has acquired in recent years.

Women who have given birth have seen and followed this training have seen how their bodies have improved markedly with this training. Many celebrities have opted for Electrofitness and praise its results.

Among the main advantages of Electrofitness after pregnancy are:


Thanks to Electro-stimulation your body will tone up faster than going for hours and hours to the gym. This is possible thanks to the stimulation of different muscle groups at the same time as abdominals, glutes, abductors, quadriceps, hamstrings, working together the perineal area.

What you would achieve with different exercises in much more time and with more effort, you get it in a few sessions.

Fight cellulite

Cellulite is an accumulation of adipose tissue (fat) that appears in the body giving the skin a rough appearance, hence it is popularly known as orange peel.

After pregnancy, it is possible that this adiposity has increased due to the accumulation of toxins and a worsening of circulation. Electrofitness helps oxygenation of cells, improving skin tissue and circulation, reducing cellulite.

Strengthens the pelvic floor

One of the most common changes in childbirth in most women is the weakening of the pelvic floor.

Despite doing exercises to reinforce it, the results never reach those obtained by Electro-stimulation. This area has suffered alterations during pregnancy and it is necessary to return to normal to avoid very frequent problems such as urinary incontinence.

Help to lose weight

After pregnancy, women tend to weigh more than they did before pregnancy.

If this is your case, you will know that recovering it sometimes costs, especially if a healthy diet is not followed. Electrofitness helps you lose weight faster, as long as you follow that healthy diet, eliminating excess fats and sugars.

With the sessions, you will burn more calories at baseline and therefore, you will lose weight in a controlled and healthy way. 

Strengthens and reduces the abdomen

The part of the body that suffers most in a pregnancy is the abdomen. Some women find it harder than others to have the same figure and some do not recover it if they do not do some kind of sport and diet.

Whether you lose abdominal fat immediately or if it costs you more, the Electrofitness will not only make you eliminate it before, but also strengthen that area that, although it loses weight, usually stays flaccid.

Time saving

If you have been a mother, you will have noticed how time flies and sometimes, you get the feeling that you need more hours a day to have everything under control.

Training with Electrofitness does not take much more than 20 minutes per week that you can easily take out. The effectiveness is equal to or greater than if you spent several hours a day in a gym.

Relief of aches and pains

Lumbar or sciatica are some of the consequences of pregnancy that prevent certain tasks from developing easily.

Electrofitness is ideal to strengthen the muscles and recover from injuries as well as prevent bone fractures and even osteoporosis caused by the weakening of the musculature.

Safe Electrofitness: keys to avoid risks

Like all training, there are always risks or contraindications. As it is beneficial for postpartum, you should avoid it during pregnancy and also while you are breastfeeding.

In addition, there are some basic recommendations that you must follow if you are going to start with Electro-stimulation to recover from childbirth.

  • Have an experienced professional, physiotherapist or specialist in the use of an Electro-stimulation device. That coach will tell you what exercises are appropriate, what areas you should work and the sessions you will need to reach your goals.
  • Use the right clothes that your coach recommends. Normally, cotton is recommended because it is the type of fabric that allows the current to pass safely. In some centers, they will provide you, in addition to the suit or vest, the clothes that you must put under. A shirt and pants are usually enough.
  • Do not spend additional sessions or time. The ideal is to start with one session a week, of no more than 25 minutes and, if the coach tells you, increase up to two times a week at the most. Sometimes, we think that by training more results are achieved before and we can injure ourselves.
  • Choose a equipment with custom programs. There are many Electro-stimulation equipment on the market, but not all are the same. If you look for a specialized center, a gym or a beauty salon find one that has a equipment with different programs to treat your specific needs.
  • Diagnosis or previous medical check-up. In case of having any illness or health problem, as well as taking any medication, it is important that you consult with your doctor before starting with Electrofitness. There are even centers that make a preliminary diagnosis to know your status before you start the sessions.

Electrofitness is a good way to recover after childbirth in less time than you would need with another type of training. Enjoy motherhood with an optimal physical state, energy, vitality and health.

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