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Electro-stimulation to combat stress and release tension

The Electro-stimulation to fight stress is very effective. Interestingly, it is one of the lesser known utilities of this technology, despite providing excellent results. And despite the fact that stress is a problem that affects millions of people in Spain. Is it your case? Discover how Electro-stimulation can help you de-stress and gain in well-being.

Electro-stimulation to combat stress, a studied reality

Neurostimulation, only in specific clinical cases and never at home

Do not confuse neurostimulation with muscle Electro-stimulation, although both use electrical impulses and both are efficient ways to combat stress.

In fact, this type of treatment should be left only in expert clinical context and is oriented only to a very specific type of patient. However, we mention it because it is interesting to know the power of Electro-stimulation..

There are other types of actions that can help you in a much simpler way, equally effective and that can be applied with a good Electro-stimulation device in the clinical or even domestic environment.

How Electro-stimulation can help you to fight stress

Electro-stimulation to fight stress generating endorphins

Endorphins are the so-called hormones of happiness and an aid that the body generates to combat and mitigate pain. Muscle Electro-stimulation can cause the body itself secretes a greater number of endorphins at a given time.

By programming the Electro-stimulation device in a given frequency range for a specific period of time, the organism receives a series of stimuli. And it has a series of reactions among which is the increase in the segregation of endorphins.

But what power do endorphins have against stress?

– They block the pain detectors in the brain with a power 20 times higher than one oral analgesic. Pain is a generator of physical and psychological stress.

– Promote calm contributing actively to create a welfare state.

– Improve the person’s mood and make them less vulnerable to both psychological stress and emotional stress.

– Reduce blood pressure by helping the body to work optimally and without alterations, for a better state of health and well-being.

– They reduce adrenaline levels, thus favoring physical and mental relaxation.

– Contribute to the prevention of anxiety, improving the quality of life and well-being of the person.

Muscle decontraction with Electro-stimulation to fight stress

The Electro-stimulation devices allow a drastic, fast and effective improvement of muscle contractures. When they occur in areas such as the shoulders, upper back or neck, they generate more tension than in other areas of the body, and often cause headaches.

Utilizar la electroestimulación para combatir el estrés descontracturando y aliviando la tensión muscular es un método muy efectivo. La tensión y el malestar o dolor muscular son dos de los principales causantes del estrés físico. Cuando, además, estas molestias o dolores imposibilitan la normal actividad física, esto suele generar estrés psicológico que a su vez tensiona las fibras en un círculo vicioso del que es difícil salir.

Applying Electro-stimulation you can break that vicious circle. This will have clear effects by relaxing the fibers and decontracting the affected area. This will help you to feel better, more relaxed and clearly de-stressed.

Physical exercise fights stress

It is well known that physical exercise combats stress from different angles of action. In addition to releasing endorphins, which we have already discussed, it allows better oxygenation of the brain and blood and minimizes blood pressure. In addition, it increases the energy level.

The Electro-stimulation to combat stress works the fibers as if it were a session of muscular exercise training. This work generates the same reactions in the organism as if it is a practice of a physical activity or sport. And they have the same incidence in the fight against stress.

Muscular oxygenation and stress

Recovery programs through Electro-stimulation have as one of its effects the best muscle oxygenation.

Well oxygenated muscles perceive less fatigue and do not notice the symptoms of lack of oxygen as a lack of general energy. In other words, they perceive less tiredness and fatigue, two of the culprits of physical and emotional stress. Therefore, when these are adequately oxygenated, the level of energy and well-being of the organism is much higher. And in this scenario it is more complicated to suffer stress or anxiety problems.

Now You see, Electro-stimulation to combat stress is tremendously effective. It acts on the organism from different angles with a common clear objective: to help relieve stress and, at the same time, prevent its reappearance. Thus, you will feel much calmer and with a clearly greater feeling of well-being and vitality.

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