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EMS Wireless electrostimulation: advantages over cables

Wireless electrostimulation (EMS): advantages compared to cables

It is a revolutionary fitness method. The wireless EMS rush has just begun, and we already find the market full of different EMS devices with different characteristics, prices and quality, where each of them claims to be the most comfortable and effective option to achieve a perfect body and health we all seek.

You probably know that EMS equipment is made up of two parts: a panel or monitor that contains the software and the programs and an electrofitness suit or jacket that we wear during our workouts. However, these characteristics are common in all EMS devices. Therefore, and putting ourselves in the shoes of our users, we would like to make you aware of a differentiating factor to be taken into account: something that very few EMS systems offer today is a wireless connection. This feature is one of the least widespread ones and makes the difference between a common device and an advanced one with state-of-the-art technology.

i-motion is committed to innovative wireless electrostimulation, while the vast majority of products base this connection on cables, which can sometimes cause discomfort, limited mobility or even accidents for the user.

A revolution of up to 100 meters of range

At i-motion, with our work on continuous technological improvement, we have managed to create the most advanced wireless electrostimulation equipment. The operation of our wireless EMS devices is based on the Bluetooth technology with a range of 100 meters, perfectly prepared for you to do your exercises correctly and with full comfort and safety. This is complemented by a wireless connection module (WCM) with an international guarantee.

In this way, you can completely forget about tangled cables or movements impossible to perform due to obstacles or because these cables are too short. Thus, you will make use at 100% of the advantages of your EMS equipment. And in any place, something that you are most likely looking for.

If you want to learn more about our exclusive Bluetooth wireless electrostimulation system, at i-motion, we are at your disposal to answer all your questions and offer you our wireless EMS electrofitness device, with which you will finally enjoy a vigorous and healthy body you are striving to.

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