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Electrical stimulation can effectively increase blood flow

Electrostimulation is a type of technique used to work the muscles with electrical impulses. This resource is used as a complement to the physical activity of athletes and those with periodic exercise routines.

This technique is used through devices that adhere to different parts of the body, depending on which muscular areas we want to work, providing a gradual and constant work that does not require major efforts.

In addition, it is an ideal complement to physical exercise: the work performed on the muscles is useful and the results of fitness electrostimulation are visible.

However, it is not all about the musculature and the preservation of an attractive figure. In this way, electrostimulation to improve blood circulation is also a highly effective alternative. If this topic catches your attention and you want to know more about how this treatment works, we invite you to take note of what comes next.

Circulation problems

There are many factors that can generate circulation problems. Diabetes, obesity, blood clots, varicose veins and poor diet are situations that can lead to this type of condition, whose areas of greatest discomfort are usually located in the extremities of the body.

If you have suffered or suffer from circulation problems you will know that the symptoms can be really annoying. Many of the patients who are in this situation describe the discomfort as a tingling sensation, numbness, burning, pain and even color changes in the affected areas.

The most important of all this is that you are able to perceive the symptoms and understand what is happening in your body. Obviously, you should always consult a doctor and determine exactly what you have. In this way, you can opt for an effective treatment that solves your problems faster.

There are several ways to treat circulation problems. Some of them include mild exercises and improvements in diet, as well as different medications that help regulate the blood supply to the body. However, there are also parallel treatments that reduce discomfort and contribute directly to overcoming the problem.

One of these methods is the use of electrostimulation, whose action on the affected areas helps to relieve pain and generate an active blood flow. The benefits of this treatment are extremely effective and we want you to have all the necessary details about them.

Below we explain in depth the work that electrostimulation performs to improve blood circulation and the repercussions it has on this type of problems.

Quick results

The technology of electrostimulation is usually used to treat different types of pain. Although many of these treatments are used in sports and physical activity environments, they also have great effectiveness in other types of areas.

When people have some type of muscle pain or in the areas surrounding the muscle, the application of electrical impulses has a very clear effect. The discomfort is relieved thanks to the nervous over stimulation, which produces a calming effect.

The same happens with cases of poor blood circulation, where patients usually present focalized pains in different parts of their body. The electrical impulses act in exactly the same way as previously described, providing a symptomatic relief of the disease and improving the quality of life of the patients.

On the other hand, when applying electrostimulation to improve blood circulation, we have a double positive effect. In addition to improvements in terms of sensations of tingling, pain and numbness in the area, the electrical impulses impact in the veins and blood vessels, generating a stimulation that facilitates blood flow.

Contraindications and care

While electrostimulation to improve blood circulation is a highly effective technique, it has some precautions that should be considered at all times. Of course, the electrostimulation of has the best medical advice and we work in a rigorous and professional way.

The most important of these is that this type of treatment cannot be applied in people who suffer from epilepsy, in patients with pacemakers or in pregnant women. Otherwise, this technique can bring muscle problems and end up damaging some fibers.

Finally, we must also be extremely cautious and review the clinical history of the people. Patients who in parallel present inflammatory pathologies, should consult their doctor about how to implement electrostimulation to improve blood circulation.

As you can see, electrostimulation is a technique that has a large number of advantages in different cases and, especially, in dealing with blood circulation problems.

We invite you to find out about us and to review this and other services that we at I-Motion have for you. We will be happy to solve all your doubts and guide you in the correct decision making regarding your health!