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Does muscle electrostimulation work?

Gyms and sports centers are evolving over the years. They get new work tools, adopt technologies, etc. Electrostimulation, for example, has become one of the big bets, not only from gyms, but also for personal trainers, physical trainers and investors.

However, although it is an ancient technique, it is still novel for many. For this reason, i-motion has put together in a single list all the things you should consider before buying a muscle electrostimulation equipment (EMS). Pay attention!


What should your electrostimulator have? 6 things to keep in mind

Now that Electric Muscle Stimulation has become a popular tool, there are many investors, athletes, trainers and coaches who are interested in this equipment. But before you go shopping, you should be very clear the things your equipment should have:

1. Programs

The more programs you have, the better, because that means the equipment can work more capabilities: strength, endurance… The i-motion equipment includes 20 preset training programs tailored to the different needs of users and 6 configurable programs that allow you to create customized programs. Once you change programs, all parameters are preset, so the contraction and relaxation times correspond to optimal values.

2. Active recovery

The active recovery is one of the great advantages of i-motion. In each EMS workout there are different phases, and one of them is the resting one, where the muscle recovers in a few minutes. In this recovery time you are not going to overload the muscles and it can guarantee the success of the training session. In short, it has an active recovery system, provides specific impulses that do not overload the muscles and allows the metabolism to work more.

3. Comfort

One of the great added values of i-motion is its wireless technology, as it allows you to train in group classes, anywhere and adapt the session to each user in the group. This is the dream of many gyms, and in addition, it allows you to do intense workouts, but safer and more comfortable than ever. The ergonomic and functional design of all equipment components allow the simultaneous work of muscle groups. i-motion consists of a central unit (tablet or screen) and the treatment vest where the electrodes are placed (Bio-Jacket). So far, it is the only electrostimulation equipment that allows multi-group workouts.

4. Security

As in all physical activity, EMS should not be a technique applied in any way. On the contrary, several conditions must be considered when using it: medical examination, proper clothing, etc. At i-motion we pay attention to your safety, and therefore we have a technical team available to all our customers in order to avoid, prevent or solve any problems with the equipment. Our support is remote, so it’s done quickly, wherever you are.

5. Knowledge

Now what? This is the question that many trainers ask themselves when they purchase an EMS machine. At i-motion, we know that to optimize the implementation and use of our technology, knowledge is needed. That’s why we offer training on how to use the equipment (uses, parameters, programs). In short, we train people in the use of their equipment: we give advice on the exercises according to each need and offer audiovisual training.

6. Objectives

Think very carefully about why you want electrostimulation to be part of your training tools. Do you want to help athletes increase their performance, improve fitness, reduce the risk of injury, etc.? Are you the physical trainer for a team of athletes and need to reduce their effort without lowering performance? Muscle electrostimulation may be the answer you’re looking for.

Can you think of any other features? If you need to know more about i-motion muscle electrostimulation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Interest in electrostimulation grows

In recent years, Spain has experienced significant growth in the number of people going to the gym. According to data published by Palco 23, “Spanish fitness turnover has increased by 7.5% since 2015 thanks to the increase in the volume of customers. The sector closed 2018 with 5.3 million subscribers, 4,650 clubs and 11.4% penetration into society.”

This data matches that of a Gen X and Z increasingly interested in technology and body care. EMS brings these two goals together in a single equipment, so it has already established itself as one of the best to get in shape much faster and with less effort today. Some believe it’s one of those ‘miracle alternatives’, but it’s not true. Electrostimulation requires combining physical exercise with technique, always with the help of a professional.

The increased interest in EMS is due to several factors, as there is no single reason to implement electrostimulation. For example: many people who spend too much time at work and barely have time to go to the gym, reduce the time spent exercising thanks to EMS. An injured athlete who needs to recover quickly to participate in the next competition can reduce pain and recover much faster.

Many women even use electrostimulation to regain their fitness after giving birth. Many citizens look for the nearest electrostimulation center to train, recover much faster and avoid hours in the gym.

There are many moments in life where one can consider using a professional muscle stimulator from If you have yours, but you don’t know very well if it can be effective, tell us. We’ll listen to you.

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