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Are you a personal trainer? Help your users work more than 300 muscles

Although it may seem like a utopia, it is the reality of all those coaches who have already using the i-motion EMS technology. Can you imagine training the specific muscles, with the right intensity and in the ideal time? With this equipment it is possible, and we will tell you why.

Bio-Jacket electrodes

Working more than 300 muscles may seem crazy, but it is just one of the great possibilities of the electrical muscle stimulation of i-motion EMS. This equipment has 18 electrodes, which can be moved, placed in different parts of the body, depending on the muscles that the user wants to mobilize. If you are a high-competition boxer, you will be to apply higher intensities in biceps and triceps.

This design provides greater freedom to place the electrodes in specific places that you want to work and improve. The i-motion Bio-Jacket allows you to do an intense job, but more comfortable and enjoyable than ever before. In addition, it guarantees total freedom of movement. Electrodes can be placed anywhere to access more than half of our 650 muscles. The i-motion suit has been positioned as the best EMS sports equipment on the market: it is comfortable and flexible.

Enjoy your workouts and prevent your users from feeling static.

Increase training control with muscle electrostimulation

Thanks to the advanced technology of the professional electric muscle stimulator form, you can control the order in which muscle contractions occur. It is a new way of exercising them through the sequential EMS impulses that improves lymphatic circulation. Thanks to the precision of the training, athletes get better results and much faster than through conventional training.

The possibilities of electrostimulation in boxing

As we mentioned, muscle electrostimulation can be a beneficial tool for a boxing workout. This sport can be taken to another level thanks to the EMS, so we already talk about ElectroBoxing. So much so, that boxing has already become one of the most practiced sports and, in addition, it allows to work and strengthen different areas of the body, such as the arms, legs or back.

Thanks to muscle electrostimulation, this sport can an essential practice to increase endurance and physical strength. EMS and boxing are 100% compatible. The benefits of boxing and electrostimulation workout are made to meet your goals in a much more enjoyable and comfortable way. Its advantages are:

  • It is easier to lose weight.
  • It increases bone and muscle mass.
  • It releases accumulated stresses.
  • It can improve cardiovascular health.
  • You can tone and define the body.
  • It improves reflexes and balance.

All this is possible thanks to the characteristics of the Bio-Jacket, an antibacterial vest, odorless and totally comfortable with which the electrodes are relocated so that the muscles are better stimulated. With EMS, all these benefits multiply.

Did you know that a 20-minute electrostimulation session equals three hours of conventional training?

Coaches: Help to improve your performance

Both personal trainers and physical trainers have in their hands the possibility to invest in muscle electrostimulation equipment and help their athletes improve performance, boost the results of a typical sports training, prevent injury and damage of bones and joints, increase muscle tissue, help recover muscles and cure an injury faster, among other things. For this reason, we talk about the coach as the union between athletes and the EMS, as well as the consequent sporting performance.

Investing in electrostimulation means offering your users innovative technology and a modern training method, such as electrofitness. Optimizing the benefits of electrostimulation through active gymnastics exercises is in your hands. We are in front of an intense work, but with a great saving of time and energy.

Muscle electrostimulation allows athletes to recruit more muscle fibers and gain much more powerful contractions, so that elite athletes can increase their muscle strength and volume.

i-motion, the athletes’ electrostimulator

I-motion technology has already become the favorite electrostimulator of many athletes. In a conventional workout, to voluntarily contract one of your muscles, your brain sends a signal to activate the motor nerve. However, when you train with electrostimulation, the equipment sends a signal to the motor nerve of each muscle, causing a muscle contraction. This process is very similar to a natural workout, because the muscles do not differentiate these signals.

During the recovery process, i-motion EMS improves blood circulation of muscles and reduces muscle tension. Great athletes such as Mario Mola and Rui Goncalves have already put this technique into practice.

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