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How can remote assistance benefit electrostimulation training?

Not every electrostimulation equipment is the same, not all of them have remote assistance support. i-motion is a different alternative for many reasons: it’s the only equipment that ensures a pleasant and comfortable feeling during your workout, their engineers work daily to continuously offer software updates and it is the only one capable of training an unlimited number of people.

In its typical form, conventional training usually isolates the work of a muscle, chain, or muscle group with movements on the frontal, sagittal, or transverse plane. Also, in electrostimulation training, everything changes. It becomes more efficient, reduces physical and psychological fatigue by not requiring a long activation time, reduces the risk of injury and helps athletes recover much faster than with conventional training.

In this post we want to share with you how the technical characteristics of i-motion benefit the training. Let’s begin!

Benefits of remote assistance in electrostimulation equipment

Remote assistance is defined as a support process performed through remote access to computers with a desktop connection. It is a service that typically acts as a technical support. This has become one of the great advantages of the i-motion equipment, which already has the remote assistance certificate. Its main benefits are:

  • Remote access to the desktop of computers and servers to control them from anywhere with a 3G internet connection (or a better one).
  • Speed and availability to solve any doubts or problems that may occur in a training session.
  • Any mobile phone, tablet or PC can be your window to the workplace.
  • Increase the security, stability and continuity of your team, as well as the high uptime with Team Viewer Remote Management, our integrated RMM solution.
  • Allows you to monitor different aspects of your devices and collect valuable information even before connecting to them remotely.
  • You can stay on top of issues and receive notifications as soon as something critical happens.
  • The antivirus solution will keep your IT clean and tidy.
  • The current dynamics of training and business require quick answers to any possible abnormal situation that may arise, and i-motion brings that speed to those who use their equipment.
  • Costs and time are saved, as the physical presence of a technician involves extra charges for transportation costs and transfer time. With remote assistance, the customer’s investment covers only the support service.
  • This type of service can solve almost 100% of IT incidents.
  • Increases the satisfaction of the coach and his/her clients as they get fast, accurate and efficient solutions, as well as greater confidence in the equipment.
  • Remote assistance can be done anywhere in the world thanks to Team Viewer. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Spain, Italy, Mexico or China.

Many coaches fall into the mistake of disregarding remote assistance when looking for an electrostimulation equipment to invest in. However, it’s important to know what to look for on a good remote support team (qualified experts to ensure the integrity of your systems, first call resolution services, same language support, speed, etc.).

We prevent and solve problems on your equipment

Our specialists are always available to all customers in order to prevent and/or solve problems that may arise in their professional electric muscle stimulator from

This technology, still unknown to many, is one of the great innovations of recent times in sports, in fact, some professional athletes already include it as part of their training sessions.

However, it is advisable to have a reliable and timely service to not discontinue the operational capacity that is based on the equipment. Today, the technical service is already highly computerized, and it also has a remote assistance service, which avoids problems and extends their life. In addition, it increases the profitability of your business.

We are always available to accommodate our customers’ requests and problems. Calls are usually made for doubts or questions about the equipment programs.

The possibilities of electrostimulation training

Although the use of EMS training is an innovative modality, muscle electrostimulation itself has a long history behind it. It was in 200 BC that electricity sources from animal species (electrotherapy) were already used for the first time in Asia Minor.

Its capabilities are gradually imposed in different fields of application, and its effectiveness has aroused interest in the training of athletes, especially in gyms and small fitness centers. Its scientifically proven effectiveness has encouraged more and more physiotherapy, rehabilitation, gyms, clinics and doctors to use this technique with excellent results.

EMS trainings in small groups have increasingly more participants and their results are being optimal. In this way, it is being applied in fields such as:

  • Small group training and small fitness center approach with groups of 2, 3 or 4 people.
  • Personal fitness training.
  • Competition sport (athletics, swimming, soccer…).

In any case, to perform a training with electrostimulation you need a basic understanding of the electrophysiological foundations that comes with muscle stimulation.

Do you have any questions? Contact us, i-motion will be happy to solve them with you.

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