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Benefici e caratteristiche della tuta per elettrostimolazione

There are many reasons to use electro-stimulation, but not every single one of them have the same weight. Everything depends on your final objective. An elite athlete will have different goals than someone who goes to an aesthetic center or a physical therapist. In these three fields you will get benefits, but it depends on your needs.

If you are an injured soccer player, your goal will be to recover as soon as possible, and therefore you will have to go to a physiotherapist. If what happens is that you want to improve your performance, your trainer or coach will be the person that can find the steps to achieve your specific goals.

These are people who should be trained with the latest trends to offer an adapted and safe training. And therefore, we want to talk about electrostimulation.

Are you ready?

What to do if you need a quick recovery after a competition?

Many cyclists, soccer players and athletes participate in competitions with a high level of intensity, so they need to successfully recover at the end of the effort.

All athletes live with the thought of recover their muscles as soon as possible to exercise again with an equal or greater intensity. Their coaches and trainers are responsible to help them achieve this objective, so they start with three basic steps: training, nutrition and rest.

In the training process, they don’t use only conventional techniques, they join to new fitness trends, such as electrical stimulation. It is the most skilled equipment of the moment for an active recovery in a short time, so they can further optimize their clients’ workout with more pleasant sensations.

Technology in sport training

Electrical stimulation is presented on the sports stage as an effective alternative for training, and this is due to the offered added value. it improves the state of the tissue and muscles, getting a better performance. Training with electrostimulation allows sports professionals get great benefits as:

  • MUSCLE TONE, but not as they have been doing so far, but much more quickly.
  • WORK AN SPECIFIC AREA, a precise type of fiber and not another.
  • TISSUE REGENERATION, as well as a greater oxygenation.
  • REDUCTION OF INJURIES, and reducing the fatigue of athletes.
  • GOODBYE TO THE PAIN, neither back pain or epicondylitis will stop your performance.
  • PERSONALIZED ATTENTION, thanks to automaticity that some equipment and systems already offers, like the EMS device at i-motion EMS.

Do you still have any doubt on how electrical stimulation can help to improve your sports performance?

Electrostimulation intensity

We need to be intense to achieve optimal results. Intense in our equipment to get a larger number of fibers, and this is something that we can only achieve with the most advanced technology. We can achieve this through Smart EMS Software, an innovative system that marks a turning point in the electro-stimulation world.

Coach takes a significant importance thanks to these techniques thanks to the time that he/she gains to dedicate to the customers. The coach no longer needs to keep an eye on the customers, and this is thanks to the automatic nature of the parameters. With a single initial setting, the program will be ready to start working the muscles of the athlete.

Are you a multi-group trainer? Would you like to make your work more efficient and ensure an active recovery? Do you know how to work the sequential impulses?

Say goodbye to muscular and mental fatigue, say goodbye to so many injuries and welcome a more technical, more adapted and more optimized work.

This is possible with i-motion.

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