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Electrostimulation for cellulite, is it effective?

Cellulite is one of the aesthetic problems that affects more people in the world regardless of their weight, especially women. In fact, it is estimated that 90% of them have cellulite. Fighting orange peel syndrome is not easy and even eliminating it completely is almost impossible if you are at an advanced stage.

However, there are different treatments you can do to improve the appearance of the skin, reduce cellulite or delay its appearance. The electrostimulation is one of the training that you can follow for cellulite, which also has many other benefits in terms of aesthetics and health.

The results of electrostimulation or electro-fitness for the treatment of cellulite will depend on the habits of life that you carry and of external factors. Bad eating habits, as well as genetics and other conditions such as pregnancy or the intake of certain drugs, contribute to its appearance.

Although you have to know that to fight cellulite will not be enough only the electrostimulation, but you will have to take care of your diet and always stay well hydrated.

Cellulite, what it is and why it appears

Cellulite is produced by an accumulation of adiposity (fat) in the subcutaneous tissue of different areas of the body. Mainly affects the lower part of the body, being glutes, abdomen, hips and thighs the most affected areas.

The causes of appearance of cellulite are different in each woman, since they are the most prone due to hormonal factors, among other reasons.

Thus, we can say that this accumulation of fat is mainly due to:

  • Poor circulation, as it prevents the elimination of toxins and the accumulation of that fat in the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Sport is essential to activate the circulation and metabolism of these fat cells. If you do not move, cellulite will eventually appear or worsen.
  • Genetic factors. Generally, genetics is an important factor, but it also serves as a warning to take better care of your eating habits and to start exercising.
  • Nutrition. Eating greasy, caloric foods with a high sodium content (salt) causes the emergence of cellulite. The retention of liquids and the appearance of edemas, are closely related to it, so is important to follow a healthy diet.
  • Hormonal factors. High levels of estrogen, which women present at certain stages of their lives (puberty, pregnancy, menopause) are closely related to orange peel skin. In this case, its appearance is inevitable, but it can always be treat with physical activity, electrostimulation and adequate nutrition.
  • Stress, influences our circulation and slows down the elimination of toxins. It is, therefore, another of the conditioning factors.
  • Alcohol and tobacco. The more toxins you put into your body and the more obstacles you put in for their natural expulsion, the worse the problem will be. Both alcohol and tobacco produce these toxins and affect blood circulation.
  • Improper clothing. The use of too tight clothes, as well as shoes with a high heel as usual, worsen the venous return and circulation, producing edema and dreaded cellulite.

All these factors that influence the appearance or increase of that roughness in the skin, can occur in any type of woman. As of puberty, all are prone regardless of whether or not they are overweight.

Types of cellulite

There are different types of cellulite and each of them can be treated differently. Although in general, we remember that both good nutrition and sports are fundamental.

Hard cellulite

It is the first phase of the appearance of cellulite on sight and affects younger girls. In some cases, it appears early in puberty.

The skin is hard, compact and therefore difficult to pinch. Also, it does not move when you walk, it stays still. It is the type of cellulite that has a better prognosis and a higher percentage of resolution.

If you act in time, you can stop it and avoid reaching a more advanced state. In this sense, electrostimulation will suit you just fine to mobilize those fat nodules that may disappear completely.

Soft cellulite

It is a type of cellulite that, as the name suggests, is soft to the touch. That is, it can be easily squeezed and produces a gelatinous appearance to the skin.

When you have soft cellulite, you can see how it moves when you walk and it gets worse little by little as you get older and gain weight.

Normally it appears around the age of 30, and usually affects abdomen, glutes and the inside of arms and thighs.

Edematous cellulitis

It is the most difficult to eliminate, because in addition to the aesthetic problem, it produces pain and discomfort in the areas where it appears (glutes, hips, tights…)

This cellulite produces a very unaesthetic skin appearance, as if it were spongy and also produces fluid retention and, therefore, edema.

Although it is difficult or almost impossible to make it disappear completely, it is important to treat it as soon as possible. Physical exercise and electrostimulation will help eliminate this accumulation of fluid and fat and relieve the heaviness of the legs and circulatory problems.

Electrostimulation and cellulite, how does it work?

The electrostimulation through the electrical impulses that the equipment causes in the different muscle groups is effective in the treatment of all types of cellulite.

There are some software and some equipment that have personalized and specific programs for cellulite.

Thanks to these specific programs, you reach the affected areas, helping to reduce accumulated fat that appears in the form of rough skin.

The electrostimulation reaches deep muscles where, naturally or with another type of training, it would be complicated arrive or would require much more time.

Thanks to this system, you favor the elimination of toxins that are what cause the emergence of cellulite. In addition, it stimulates the venous return and the production of collagen, giving the skin a smoother and finer appearance.

In general, with electrostimulation it is possible tone up the body in its entirety and to define it in less time compared with another type of exercise.

It is also ideal to fight flaccidity, so in case you have a soft or edematous cellulite, the appearance of the skin will look much better. A smooth and toned skin visibly reduces the orange peel, even if you do not manage to eliminate it completely.

Of course, do not expect results in the first session or if you do not change your eating habits. Cellulite can be treated, hide, reduced or prevented from increasing, but it requires time and effort.

The electrostimulation is an aid to fight it and treat it, and in some cases, even to eliminate it. However, it is essential that you combine it with a balanced diet, avoiding the consumption of fats and sugars, as well as hydrating your body inside and out. Drinking water daily and applying appropriate cosmetics for the treatment of cellulite or flaccidity, is important if you want to get results.

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