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What are the differences between electrostimulation and electrofitness?

Among the common doubts raised by those who think about using EMS equipment to get in shape, is what are the differences between electrostimulation and electrofitness. It is common to think that they are the same, but it is not so. We will try to clarify these doubts in a simple way.

In fact, there is a proliferation of use of the word electrofitness when referring to electrostimulation in general. This happens even in apparently informed media. Therefore, it is important to be clear about what both are and to check their differences.

Main differences between electrostimulation and electrofitness

The objective to achieve, main difference between electrostimulation and electrofitness

The use of electrostimulation is valid to achieve different objectives. When these are aimed exclusively at training and improving the body, gaining muscle mass and toning it, we talk about electrofitness.

Electrostimulation can have very different objectives that have nothing to do with physical fitness and muscle building. Among them, its therapeutic use for people with muscle pain not caused by sports. Or its use to eliminate retained liquids thanks to lymphatic drainage, for example.

Electrostimulation covers many fields and electrofitness is just one of them

One of the main differences between electrostimulation and electrofitness is that the second is based on the first.

That is, the electrofitness takes place thanks to the use of electrostimulation for a specific purpose: the same as conventional fitness, but optimized so effectively that in each session of about 25 minutes you can do an intense work on about 300 different muscles.

In short, electrostimulation is the necessary means used for electrofitness.

Electrofitness takes place with specific vests for training

Not all electrostimulation devices have the same shape. The use of electrostimulation for certain determined purposes only requires adhesives joined by wires to the electrostimulation device.

When it comes to electrofitness, we must have a specific vest for this purpose that uses electrostimulation for specific objectives. Only in this way can such a number of muscles be comfortably worked in such a short time safely and effectively to achieve the desired results.

This electrofitness machine is designed to provide the kind of electrostimulation required for the best muscle development and toning of the muscles that provide a proper muscular balance of fitness.

Electrofitness uses electrostimulation in a training program

Another difference between electrostimulation and electrofitness is that the latter is used within a training program. Several aspects are worked on to improve, develop and tone the precise muscles of a person.

When working some muscles with electrostimulation in isolation and without a global training program, we cannot speak of electrofitness. It would rather be the use of electrostimulation to work or stimulate one or more specific muscles not for sporting purposes or with the aim of achieving a fitness body.

Electrofitness uses EMS software, electrostimulation can be EMS or TENS

The electrostimulation can be TENS or EMS. When it comes to electrofitness it’s always about EMS electrostimulation. This is the one applied to work the musculature in such a way that the desired results are achieved. Its roles are to help and work on the recovery of damaged or injured muscle, but also has the ability to tone and strengthen, as with electrofitness.

In the case of TENS electrostimulation, it is used especially as an analgesic method and as a muscle relaxant. Among its actions, it facilitates and promotes the release of endorphins that reduce the sensation of pain in a certain area. This can be used for recovery.

How to distinguish electrostimulation from electrofitness?

All the aforementioned differences come to make one question clear: electrofitness uses electrostimulation for a purpose and with specific objectives. It is important to emphasize it because it is common to use both words as synonyms when they are not. In fact, the term electrostimulation is increasingly used when referring to electrofitness.

The differences between electrostimulation and electrofitness are not simple nuances of language. Nor are they only understandable to those who have a deep knowledge of the subject. The comprehension starts from the basis of what both terms mean.

What is electrostimulation

Electrostimulation is a way to exercise the muscles based on the use of electrical impulses applied to them. These impulses are generated by a device that stimulates these through electrodes in the skin next to the muscles. The impulses cause the desired muscular contraction for the purpose pursued.

Electrostimulation can be applied through different types of devices. When these are specific to the proper work of fitness training, we speak of electrofitness devices.

What is electrofitness

Electrofitness is a training discipline based on the use of electrostimulation equipment specifically designed for this purposeElectrofitness machine emits adjustable electrical impulses manually or by preconceived programs in its particular software. These electrical impulses (electrostimulation), depending on different parameters (frequency, wave type and depth of application) produce the development and strengthening of muscle mass.

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