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Are you a personal trainer? Help your users work more than 300 muscles

Many athletes get used to a routine, but there comes a time when they want to change and improve their performance in the gym. They ask their coaches for advice to find the most appropriate method for their interests and increase their motivation through a personal training. They are looking for something motivating that will allow them to get visible results as soon as possible.

For this reason, many personal trainers and physical trainers consider investing in electrostimulation equipment, a technique based on exercise through sequential impulses generated in a device and applied in the body through electrodes. This type of technique can be used in a personalized way in gyms to improve the performance of athletes.

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Personal training with EMS

At i-motion, we have the most advanced electrostimulation equipment on the market, and it is based on wireless technology. This is one of its great added values, as it allows to offer group classes anywhere and adapt the sessions to each member of the group. In this way, the equipment can be initially adjusted so that it then automatically does so with the intensity parameters in the different programs of each training protocol.

The coach will guarantee the personalized sessions, safe and adapted to each athlete, and all trainers will be able to carry out both group and multigroup sessions.

Are you ready to optimize your personal workouts? With i-motion, you can exercise more than 300 muscles thanks to the effective EMS programs.

Advantages of i-motion in group training

First, the trainer or physical trainer will not have to be aware of changing the exercises in each user, but at the same time, you can change all parameters at one thanks to the Smart EMS Software.

Some gyms and professionals around the world already use the EMS device from to make the most of their personal training sessions and help athletes achieve the proposed goals in less time. i-motion has traveled countries around the world to present the benefits of technology and test it with real customers.

  • They can make sure the session will be a success. Whether the training is group or multi-group, success will be individual. If one of the participants leaves the training or decides to rest, this will not affect the other users.
  • There is no limit of participants, so you can train different users at the same time, as well as earn more customers without investing more time than necessary.
  • Different exercises can be combined with machines (i-motion Wireless) and combine EMS training styles and programs.
  • Users will not feel uncomfortable at any time, as the i-motion suit, known as Bio-Jacket, allows you to do intense exercises with total comfort and freedom of movement.

Do you have any doubts? Ask us everything you need; we can help you improve your training sessions.

Electrical muscle stimulation helps your well-being

On several occasions, we have shared with you the advantages and possibilities of electrostimulation in the health, sport and aesthetics sectors to achieve specific purposes (toning the abdomen, relieving the pain of a knee injury, improving the performance in swimming sports, etc.). However, EMS can also be used as a source of overall balance and well-being. It is what happens with regular sessions, which cause a positive effect on mood, stress-energy and quality of life.

Gyms in times of technology

Beyond the economic benefits of electrostimulation in gyms and specialized sports centers, we must look at the technological side. In times of digitization, companies have no choice but to accept that digital transformation is vital to subsist on the market, and EMS is one of the tools that contribute to its reinvention.

Technologies are the main allies of entrepreneurs, personal trainers and users. Sports facilities are gradually taking the step towards transforming their business models. And in fitness, muscle electrostimulation becomes an ideal complement to offer more up-to-date products or services.

However, there are other options to bring gyms closer to digitization. For example, mobile apps, virtual classes, big data, wearables, trackers, cardio connectivity, etc. They are the symptoms of digital transformation.

As a result, they attract a younger target and facilitate the booking of training sessions online, which increases users. We are facing the revolution of a new business model with a lot of future. Technology has made it possible for gyms and other companies to become more and more productive in less time.

Are you ready to help athletes improve their fitness? Do you need to develop a more efficient personalized EMS training? How do you help them regain their muscles?

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