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The influence of electrical muscle stimulation on elite athletes

Over the years, people feel how our physical performance is reduced. The risk of injury increases and the body cannot do the same things that 20 years earlier perfectly did. Elite athletes, even if they are used to physical effort, are not gods, they are not magic, they cannot fight against the passage of time, but they can have complementary alternatives that allow them to be in shape, reduce the risk of injury and the pain of these.

The top current elite athletes found in electrical stimulation a perfect partner to improve their muscle performance, and therefore we want to tell you how they get it.

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A real muscle weakness case to use electro-stimulation

Take a cyclist. He grabs his bike, he rides it and travels long distances in closed or open-air circuits in which he makes a great effort. However, he lives some moments or situations in which, while he is climbing a mountain, while he is changing his pace, muscles stop working perfectly, quadriceps enter into a kind of a pause state and feel a cramp. Intensity changes severely affect this happens because of muscle weakness or a lack of a good previous workout.

Although in this case you have mentioned the case of an elite cyclist, the truth is that any other athlete can suffer problems of this kind.

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How take advantage of electro-stimulation

Anaerobic workouts include exercises of high intensity, such as weight lifting or any other exercise that requires a lot of effort in a short time, that are essential for the good performance of elite athletes. Cyclists, soccer players and athletes are a good example of this, so we are going to tell you why electrical stimulation is a good ally in the field of training.

Physical training specialists and personal trainers are aware that anaerobic exercise is very difficult to perform well, which includes everything from the initial warmup to the recovery process. A poorly performed training session can result in serious consequences and haul them throughout a season, so…

Get the maximum benefits from electrostimulation through:

  • Electrostimulation techniques specialists.
  • Equipment that allows to recover from muscle weakness in a short time.
  • Acquiring a specialized training with the attention and the rhythm needed and adapted to the user.
  • Training based on electro-stimulation, these are great for athletes to improve.

There is no better way to improve the performance of an athlete that by listening to the body and interpreting what the body is asking for. Electric muscle stimulation with has become an effective alternative to make the most of our physical possibilities without jeopardizing our muscles.

Attention, care and effort are available to you.

How to recover after an electro-stimulation workout?

Elite athletes make big efforts during their competitions, so they are looking for the best way to recover quickly and effectively. Despite the fact that there is a very large number of electrostimulation models, the truth is that low frequencies of intensity should be used in recovery.

The increase in blood flow, muscle relaxation, the release of more endorphins and the elimination of those small contractions that are making you suffer are some of the recovery advantages of this technique.

Can you imagine making a single initial setting per user to automatically control the intensity parameters? Do you know that this is already possible? I-motion will keep posting about it to share with you all the electrostimulation advantages.

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