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How to use a muscle electrostimulator?

One of the most interesting features of a muscle electrostimulator is its ability to help the athlete to optimize his training time. Knowing how to train with an electrostimulator is the key to take advantage of this equipment and obtain all the benefits it is able to provide.

How to train with an electrostimulator?

1. Choose a muscle electrostimulator specifically designed to help during training

Before considering how to train with an electrostimulator, you should bear in mind that not all electrostimulation devices can help you to optimize your training. The main reasons are their design and how to connect the electrodes to your body.

When a device is specifically designed for training, not only do you have enough electrodes to connect to the muscles you are interested in working with. It also allows these to not be released during physical work. Freedom of movement is essential!

2. Decide which muscles you want to work and in what way

It is not about stimulating your body muscles at random by the simple act of stimulating them. Knowing how to train with electrodes means making the right decisions for your body and fitness.

Decide which muscles to work during the training session and in what way is key to an adequate application of electrostimulation. So you can connect the electrodes to the muscles that really interest you and perform the appropriate programming to optimize your training.

3. Select a high intensity strength, resistance and endurance training programs

To optimize workouts that aim to improve your strength, resistance and endurance, it is necessary that you select a high but bearable intensity. One of the reasons is that in this way you can work as many muscle fibers as possible.

In any case, if you start the training and you cannot bear the contractions, you should lower the intensity. The capacity of each athlete is different and you should never get to select an intensity that you cannot stand. The contractions must be powerful, but your body must admit them without problems.

4. Do not use the electrostimulation device in a humid environment

It is important that, in addition to knowing how to train with an electrostimulator, you know where to do it safely. Doing it in a place without high environmental humidity is basic. Avoid swimming pools, saunas, spas or hydrotherapy spaces, for example.

During training you will usually sweat. If the sweat is copious in excess there is no longer a drying in the rest time between exercises. Although usually an average amount of sweat will not be a problem, as long as the electrodes are in good condition.

5. Determine the time of the training session with muscle electrostimulator before starting

Muscle electrostimulation to optimize training does not have to involve long sessions. Except for elite athletes, you cannot train for hours with the electrostimulator working at the same time.

Before starting the training session, decide how long you will work with the electrostimulator. If you use muscle electrostimulators for fitness or sports in a gym, let yourself be advised by professionals. Depending on your fitness, your goals and the selected schedule, you can determine the appropriate time for your electrostimulation training.

6. How to train with electrostimulator according to what sport you practice

Knowing how to train with an electrostimulator involves knowing how this should help each type of athlete. That is, knowing what objectives can help you achieve muscle electrostimulation and apply the electrodes on the precise muscles with the appropriate programming.

For the cyclist and the climber, it is essential to create a good aerobic base. If you use an electrostimulator with preconceived training programs, use an aerobic program. You can use an electrostimulation vest on the bike or on the climbing wall if you practice one of these sports.

For the marathon runner, iron man or for triathletes it is essential to increase the capillary network since this allows to be a more resistant athlete. Developing and increasing the network of capillaries with electrostimulation during training is possible with the proper programming of the muscle stimulator machine.

The plyometric programs are ideal for soccer players. If elite footballers take advantage of them, why not do it?

Strengthen back and dorsal is essential for swimmers. If you ask how to train with an electrostimulator in this case, the solution is outside the pool. Remember that these devices should not be submerged in water. Use this to strengthen your back and dorsal while doing proper gym routines will suite you just fine if you’re a swimmer.

Improving flexibility is possible through electrostimulation. Any sport that needs to improve this and/or ballistic movements, such as martial arts, rhythmic gymnastics or sports dancing, can use electrostimulation to achieve it.

-For CrossFit practitioners, nothing is more appropriate than using muscle electrostimulation programs that help improve muscle strengthening without excessive volume development.

-Training to maintain a good state of health and shape can also improve the results with the help of a muscle electrostimulator. Using this during training to tone up the muscles will help you improve yourself and avoid pain due to a weak musculature.

Knowing how to train with an electrostimulator is essential to be able to take full advantage of the benefits of using muscle electrostimulation. These simple and effective tips for athletes will help you to know how to use electrostimulation during your workouts in a practical, safe and effective way. Test it!

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