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How to generate a motor response

The techniques used to get a motor response are not new. They have been used since hundreds of years ago and its use is growing in the field of physiotherapy, sport and beauty. Each field used this technique with a few different purposes, but all in search of improvements.

Physical therapy uses electrical stimulation to improve the muscle tone, to get a motor response, to increase muscle strength by various programs, to prevent atrophy, etc. Depending on the needs of the patient, the intensity will be adapted.

We want to dig a little deeper in it. Are you coming with us?

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation in the healthcare sector

As points out, neuromuscular electrical stimulation “is the physical therapy that applies different types of electrical impulses to get a contraction of the muscle to deal with a wide variety of different types of electric stimulation, with a wide range of variations in the frequency and amplitude”.

In this way, electro-stimulation equipments have become a perfect alternative to cause the effects that patients are looking for: faster recovery, improve muscle tone after an injury, get a motor response, etc.

Get a motor response with an electro-stimulation equipment

This tool manages to produce the kind of power that patients need to get the exact sequential impulse and generate a motor response. But only the more modern or outdated computers are capable of producing this type of sequential impulses. I.e. “they can work on the agonist muscle first and then the antagonist muscle, obtaining a more technical muscle work”. Applying the principles of biomechanics and motor movements.

Physiotherapy is getting great results in their patients with electrotherapy, so it is becoming an increasingly common tool. These stimuli cause an action on the muscle and the nerve sends a signal, causing a shock and a contraction. It is enough to have a specific knowledge on its operation and find the most suitable program to implement it.

Physical therapy professionals need to know these equipments to distinguish what is the most suitable program to work on the muscle fibers. With a professional electric muscle stimulator of you can make a real difference in the recovery of patients

Its advantages have much to do with a quicker recovery and the development of strength and resistance in the worked muscle groups.

It can be used in patients with very different anatomies

One of the great advantages of current electro-stimulation equipment is its ability to adapt to any anatomical and physiological features. The first thing that electro-stimulation centers need to have is a minimum technical knowledge and not carrying out any personal practice without specific qualification. In addition, the same muscle may present different areas requiring a higher or lower level of intensity, and this is an important fact which we have to consider.

It’s about physiological factors that physical therapists need to know to be able to adapt each stimulation protocol. Quality and innovation are two of the main things that an electrical stimulation equipment should have.

Do you want to get the best sensations for your clients? Have you heard of multi-muscles systems? What are sequential impulses? And active recovery? How do you control the electrostimulation sessions with your patients?

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