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Myths about electrostimulation in the health sector

Health electrostimulation is such a wide field, it hides a myriad of secrets that you probably still don’t know about. Professional careers such as exercise science or physiotherapy include this technique as part of their subject matter of study, indicating their evolution and efficiency in the field of sport and health. However, there are many false myths about its use. And today we’re here to break up with them and tell you what they are. Have you fallen into the temptation to believe them, too?

Don’t let that happen and get up close knowing the real advantages of this technique. Are you prepared? LET’S GO!

Brief summary of electrostimulation in the health sector

Before you get to work with the myths of electrostimulation, we want you to start this path by knowing what it is. This technique uses a current to cause a muscle contraction in a similar way to the impulses sent by the central nervous system itself to control muscle actions. To put it into practice, there are suits with electrodes and smart equipment such as i-motion EMS, suitable for relieving the pain of an injury in kinesic therapy, improving local blood circulation, relieving back pain, improving sagging of the muscles and motor response, shorten recovery times, etc.

Electrostimulation in health and sport. Know its myths!

  • Get in shape from the sofa at home? DEFINETLY NOT. Electrostimulation is not that kind of technique that does not require complementary work to obtain good results. Although electrostimulation is a very effective technique that burns a certain number of calories and activates you, you should help it by doing some exercise and having a balanced diet. Of course, you’ll gain strength and muscle endurance, but not from a couch without moving.
  • Losing weight? It all depends on how you use electrostimulation. You’re not going to lose weight if you’re just using this technique and you’re not doing anything else. It happens just like with any exercise, because you must take care of your diet and make it balanced. There is nothing like accompanying the electrostimulation of a good diet. Want to achieve great benefits? Don’t play with it! We are not the only ones who say it, other specialized professionals say it too, such as the director of Vivafit at Santander.
  • Can we all take the equipment and make their programs work? In order for this technique to be effective and make the most of it, in addition to applying it correctly in the area that we want to work, it is necessary to have a specialized knowledge in it, in its programs, in its operation, in the contraindications, etc.

4 truths about muscle electrostimulation (EMS)

We came to talk about those rumors that are in the society and that have nothing to do with the true functionalities of electrostimulation. But we want to finish this post leaving you a good feeling, so we are going to tell you some things that are usually said about electrostimulation and that are totally true:

  1. Allow you to work the muscles you want. And in a totally effective and optimized way.
  2. It is very effective against cellulite. As it removes toxins and metabolic wastes accumulated under the skin in addition to breaking the adipose tissue, for its rapid metabolization. Its process is known as lipolysis (formation and rupture of triglyceride molecules, respectively also by an oxidative way).
  3. Allows you to do more targeted jobs and maintain fitness. Former professional footballer Troyansky of the Austrian Club said so.
  4. Increases the vascular network in the body, gained better resistance and lung capacity.

That said… If your goal is to use electrostimulation to avoid physical exercise and a good diet, forget about it. But if you need results in a quick way and you are ready to alternate this practice with exercisemotivation and a good diet, YOU HAVE EVERYTHING!

Take advantage of electrostimulation with and get the results you really want, dismantle the myths yourself!

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