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i-motion is ready to attend the Body Fitness Paris fair

The electrostimulation’s company, i-motion EMS, is ready to attend the Body Fitness fair from Friday, March 15th to Sunday, March 17th held in France to present its electrostimulation equipment. Body Fitness Paris is an initiative that was born with the aim of presenting the more modern side of its technology to personal and physical trainers, coaches, investors, and every professional interested in knowing first-hand the advantages of this technique.

i-motion is the first equipment that has intelligent EMS software, so 2019 has already become a key year for the company because of the number of functionalities that it has implemented, such as the EMS active recovery and EMS Sequential Pulses.

i-motion, with a single initial setting made by the user, automatically adjusts the parameters of intensity in the different programs within each training protocol.

Thanks to these advantages, i-motion is the only team on the market that allows coaches to devote 100% of their time to their customers. In this way, they can offer multigroup training with a totally personalized service to different users at the same time, without having to keep track of the software settings.

This is how the company offers the opportunity to learn about the latest advances in technology for electrical stimulation and ask any questions to professionals with extensive experience in the French capital. Fitness needs different things to improve outcomes on health and wellness, so increasingly more professionals are joining to the use of electrostimulation with i-motion.

The resistance improvement, the strengthening of the physical condition, the reduction of the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stress are four direct benefits of a balanced exercise program. If we combine electrostimulation and the quality of their pulses to fitness, the sport sector can speed up the benefits of its customers.

Electrostimulation opens up a range of possibilities. Investors have seen in it a golden opportunity to bring its benefits to the population. For this reason, i-motion Club arose as “a new concept created to allow our users to look for the nearest center”.

Thanks to this initiative, there are increasingly more people who become aware of the advantages of this tool in terms of strengthening, vitality and health.

Come to Body Fitness Paris and enjoy electrostimulation!

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