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Strength training tips with i-motion EMS

In previous posts, we’ve already talked about how to train strength with the electrostimulation of i-motion, how to improve it and increase it. But today we want to go further and share with you some indications to keep in mind in your training. Today we are going to review the basic exercises and positions for strength training to get long-term results.

Are ready to join us on this journey? Let’s go!

Some directions to train strength with EMS

Do you need to develop the strength of your athletes and don’t know where to start? Do you want to modernize your tools to help them achieve their goals? Depending on the objective you pursue in the training and the individual conditions, the session should adapt to it. However, to get long-term results, the user should train regularly (between 1 and 3 times per week for a long period), without forgetting to take a break of 1 to 4 days per week.

Taking these indications into account is critical for a healthy muscle regeneration and development. Some of the recommendations for the Basic and Strength programs are:

  • 85 Hz.
  • Rectangular impulses, climbing time 0s (Strength program): for patients with pain or to get used to the impulses, a ramp of approx. 0.4 s (Basic program) can also be available.
  • Pulse width: 350 microseconds.
  • Impulse duration: 4 sec, impulse pause: 4 sec (50% Duty Cycle).
  • Intensity according to a subjective perception of RPE 7-8 load of 10 (strong) for veterans and ‘EMS professionals’. For beginners and to get used to the RPE, it is recommended a 4-5 RPE. For moderate veterans or for people who have a priority in strength resistance or dynamic movements RPE 6-7 out of 10.
  • Training duration: 10-20 minutes depending on the weekly training sessions and load intensity.

The trainer must master the correct technique of the movements before increasing the pace and reaching the full amplitude of the movement (ROM). In this way, the exercises are a clear example for an effective strength training with muscle electrostimulation. These exercises should be individually adapted to the state of physical fitness and characteristics of each user.

Security first and foremost. The user must place himself in front of the device so that the connecting cable does not get in the way or hang. It is advisable to wear shoes with a non-slip sole, and the electrode belt should be of an appropriate size.

Passive bending of joints by electrical impulses should never be allowed. The user must be able to actively master and control impulses. Sometimes, it may be necessary to adjust the intensity over the course of a workout, due to the habituation effect.

We must intensify slowly: start with static exercises, continue in different positions with different angles or sequences of movement, execute them, etc. The intensity of the electrodes will be adjusted according to the type of exercise.

Why does i-motion help you follow these directions?

The i-motion EMS technology has made it the most advanced electrostimulation equipment on the market. Its Bluetooth Class 1 wireless technology has been approved internationally, it has a radio range of 100 meters and an anti-break communication security system. In this way, it guarantees the control of the athlete or user and favors the safety, effectiveness and comfort of its use.

The i-motion Smart EMS Software makes it possible for the equipment to automatically adjust the intensity parameters in the different programs of each training protocol with a single initial setting. In addition, it also enables to recover more quickly after a great effort.

The design of all the components of your EMS device from are ergonomic and functional, allowing the simultaneous work of muscle groups, subjecting them to strong stresses in short periods of time and obtaining results in less time than conventional workouts.

This equipment adapts perfectly and gives freedom of movement to perform group and multigroup trainings without limit of participants. It is a unique feature of the equipment. This is made up of a central unit, tablet or display, the vest where the electrodes are placed, Bio-Jacket, and the Wireless Connection Module (WCM) for wireless training.

At the end, all these features lead to several advantages, such as:

  • Remote assistance anywhere in the world through Team Viewer.
  • Software in continuous development that is updated according to the latest studies and advances.
  • Windows 10 operating system and licensed by Microsoft, world leader.
  • Preset parameters when switching programs.

All this and much more with the most advanced muscle electrostimulation equipment. Would you like to try it? Contact us, we will be happy to help you develop strength training.

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