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Electric muscle stimulator: is it safe and effective?

EMS is electrostimulation performed on the whole body, so that the contraction of more than 350 muscles occurs at the same time.

It is similar to the natural contraction of muscles, that is, with electrical impulses. In a natural way, the brain sends signals to the muscle through the central nervous system. Those signals reach the muscle and the motor nerve.

With electrostimulation, the electrical impulse is produced from the outside, shortening the path, directly reaching the motor nerve, or as it is also called: “neurotransmitter”. It is responsible for the contraction of the muscles independently of the orders of the brain, but in the same way as it is done voluntarily. EMS intensifies the effect that normally occurs naturally.

Is EMS effective?

Yes, it is effective. In fact, it finds its application in places like gyms, wellness and beauty centres, as well as at high performance and competitive sports centres. It also used in rehabilitation and medicine.

It is proven that electrostimulation has very positive effects for elite athletes, such as the increase in strength and speed.

EMS is also used in rehabilitation to prevent the wear and tear of the joints and to strengthen the muscles of the back, avoiding recurrent pain and significantly improving problems with posture we have every day.

As for its use in beauty centres and gyms, EMS gives you the opportunity to reshape your body. This occurs thanks to the increase in muscle mass, while decreasing the accumulation of fat. It also increases the basal metabolism and consequently, the caloric output that this implies.

Can you practice for a long time?

EMS can be applied in the same way as conventional training, that is, it can be practiced in the long term.

Strength training, to be effective, has to be regular and done over a long period of time. Otherwise, the muscles will return to their initial mass, as two, three or four months ago, when you only started training. This is due to the involuntary loss of muscle mass. The same thing happens in conventional training: we have to keep exercising regularly to achieve results.

Can electrostimulation be dangerous?

No, it is not dangerous at all. As we said before, our body works with electrical stimuli, it is called bioelectronics. EMS also works with electrical stimuli. In addition, our muscles are constantly exercising. Therefore, the electrical impulse of the EMS, being low, is not invasive for our body.

What do you have to take into account?

Any healthy person can train with EMS. It would only not be recommended for people who had a specific illness that made it impossible for them to do sports or lift weight. Only in this case, you won’t be able to do electrostimulation.

The possible contraindications are discussed in a personal interview that you will have before starting the training.

 What are the benefits of electrostimulation?

The blood flow increases when the muscle works. This has multiple benefits: for example, it improves the complexion and reduces cellulite. Also, after training, you feel more relaxed. This way, you will see that its effect is not only physical, but it also has a mental impact.

To sum up, thanks to electrostimulation, you will feel healthier, more flexible and more resistant to fatigue.

You will lose weight.

You will lose inches of volume and fat. You will also burn more calories on a day-to-day basis. The muscles become more developed, have greater activity and, therefore, will have greater energy output.

You can combine this training with a diet to ensure success in your weight loss program.

You will see your gluteus, abdomen and legs modified.

For almost all women, the image of these three parts of their body is important. Well, EMS promises you an improvement in the image of your buttocks, your abdomen and your legs.

You can even get rid of cellulite or reduce it.

Does it have side effects?

Not for healthy people and athletes – it has no side effects at all. On the contrary, there is a lot of positive literature about it. And it’s applied in physiotherapy since 1950.

Also, if you ask yourself “can it hurt my heart?” The answer is “no”, since it only stimulates skeletal muscles. The stimulation doesn’t reach the organs.

You can see the results in a very short time

You can see the results after the first session, because you will feel lighter and more vital. You will see the volume loss and postural correction a few weeks after starting the training.

Your complexion will improve after 4 or 6 weeks. And you will lose weight, but also depending on what you eat, that is, if you are keeping a diet to reinforce the effect of EMS.

You will have to take into account some rules for safe training:

– EMS training must be directed and supervised by a personal trainer.

– You should eat carbohydrates before exercise, at least two hours before. If you cannot have a meal, eat an energy bar, also two hours before.

– Drink water before, during and after exercise. Maximum 1/4 litre each time.

– You must start with low intensity impulses and progressively increase the power.

– You should rest 3 days between sessions for the body to recover.

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