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Improve athletic performance with electrostimulation

Proteins, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates… Lots of nutritional tips to recommend to your athletes. We’re sure they’ll improve their overall physical condition. But in terms of athletic performance, it takes something else, so ask yourself: How are you doing the training? Do you use any particular techniques? How do you help your athletes improve? Do you train all your clients at once?

Join us in this post because we will tell you how to improve performance without jeopardizing your effort.

i-motion EMS equipment, what does it bring to a workout?

Electrostimulation is a technique that is implemented through electrodes. They are placed in different parts of the body (biceps, abdomen, buttocks…) and the appropriate intensity is adjusted. However, to make these sessions 100% optimal, i-motion has developed the combination of a comfortable and efficient electrostimulation. How? Through its Bio-Jacket, the suit that allows you to work intensely, but with total freedom and comfort.

Your training sessions will be very attractive for experienced athletes looking to improve their performance, for beginners who decide to start practicing physical activity, for women and men who want to exercise and tone their bodies, and even for older people looking for energy. This method is very popular.

i-motion EMS provides:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use software.
  • Remote assistance anywhere in the world (thanks to Team Viewer).
  • The most advanced operating system (Windows 10) licensed by Microsoft.
  • A software in continuous development that will allow you to have the most advanced technology.
  • 20 training programs preset and adapted to the needs of users, and another 6 configurable programs that you can customize.
  • A suit manufactured entirely in Spain that allows access of EMS waves to more than half of the 650 muscles of the body.
  • Its electrodes can be placed in any area (gluteus maximus, abductors, abdomen, etc.).
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Intense workout with a comfortable feeling.
  • The equipment can be used both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its wireless technology.

And it has a private area where you will find everything you need to get the most out of your equipment. Athletes will start to notice results in a few sessions.

Advantages of muscle electrical muscle stimulation in running

Imagine that the athletes you train compete in athletics and you are their personal trainer. With i-motion you can train every athlete together, without losing sight of their personal conditions, and:

  • Increase their muscle mass, which positively influences fitness and the achievement of their sporting purposes (long-distances races, hurdle races, cross-country races…).
  • Improve their speed. Without a doubt, this is the fundamental element to with runners. Therefore, you need to know and apply the appropriate electrostimulation exercises in improving speed and athletic performance.
  • Improves stamina. With i-motion programs, you’ll be able to work on strength and endurance. If you upgrade the first one, you’ll optimize the second one. It all depends on the type of race your athletes will perform. For example: 100-meter requires more speed.
  • Prevents joint stress. So-called ‘arthrosis’ is one of the most feared problems in athletes when they compete too many years. However, we can also find it in young athletes. In this context, muscle electrostimulation with can prevent its appearance, since the joints do not suffer that much.

However, to carry out a training session with EMS you will find several alternatives: from interval training (widely used in sports sessions) and extensive (ideal for improving aerobic capacity), to weight training (recommended for weightlifting) and muscle relaxation (facilitate the release of muscle tension and fiber elongation).

Conclusions on the impact of electrostimulation on performance

Now that you know the advantages of electrical muscle stimulation over your athletes, what are you going to do? Remember that you can also reduce the training time, since a 20-minute session with EMS equals 3 hours of physical training. It is no coincidence that this technique is increasingly known and widespread in gyms and sports centers.

It adapts to many uses, but it is known, above all, for toning and strengthening muscles. Elite athletes already use it for their recovery (they contain draining properties).

Do you bet for the welfare of your athletes? Do you want to help them take the leap in their sporting career? What are your challenges as a coach? Do you invest in technology for your training sessions? How do you differentiate yourself from the competition? Would you like to become a modern coach?

Tell us all your doubts! We can help you.

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